Need Help Going Crazy Lol

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JULIE - December 13

i took a quatative blood test early in novemeber cause i had signs of pregnancy but last couple of days my br___t a starting to hust really bad its like the top part were your arm pit is and on top!! and i tested and i got 2 negative !! do you think i am pregnant!!


JULIE - December 13

oh sorry my blood test was negative!


JULIE - December 13

and yesterday during the night i gelt sick all night but i woke up and ate and i was fine!


Christine - December 14

Julie are you now two months late?..or did you end up with your AF in November?...Sometimes hpts and blood test are inaccurate...but you dont sound like you have the signs of pregnancy...But...woman dont often show any....You may want to add just a little bit more to your posts...just to give some better predictors...


Julie - December 14

my periods are normaly 7 days and in October they ;asted 5 days then in Novemeber they lasted 2 days and one week befor af was due i had brown discharge then this month i had my periods but they were lite only lasted like 3 days and it was like mucusy pinkish colour not to red.i had took a blood test 4 days after my periods in Novemeber and it was negative i had all the signs of pregnancy naussea,bloated,headakes, my b___bs were leaking i am extremly tierd i am also constapated and now my b___bs are hurt like i said but idon't know what to think cause it was negative and i took 2 other hpt acouple days ago and it was both negative on in the morning and one in the day! so i don't really know what to think!!


JULIE - December 14

for my son my b___st hurted like i said the pain was on the top and close to my harmpits and i was pregnant!


bump - December 14



Christine - December 15

Well during pregnancy it makes sense that your b___sts are sore near the armpits...this is where the glands are...incredibly painful if you get an sister in law had one after her first child...I'm not real sure what is going on sounds like you could be pregnant...unfortunately sometimes the tests dont help...Try to wait till the New Year...then call and ask doc for another blood test if hpt is still negative and cycle is screwy...or try for a sonogram...I dont think they could actuallly miss a pregnancy after about the 5th or 6th week in..good luck



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