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CGS82 - October 23

Hello, My husband and I started to try and conceive this month. I had a normal period(like every month, I am very regular) Oct. 3 till the 8th. We tried the first time Oct. 10. Oct. 11th I woke up and was bleeding lightly. It went away by 9:30pm on the 11th. On Oct. 12, we decided to give it one for shot(for good measures lol no pun intended) and we decided to leave it with those two days to see how well we can become pregnant.. Since about Oct. 20th, I have been extremely gassy, having heartburn, extremely bad headaches, having this really upset feeling in my stomach(kind of borderline between just upset stomach and on the verge of throwing up) my stomach is starting to feel alittle tight and this might not have anything to do with pregnancy but I am also having a hard time swallowing foods. I was just wondering, is it to early to already have signs on pregnancy? I feel that it is, but it just seems to much like pregnancy signs to just ignore lol. So I was just wondering what everyone thinks? to early for signs or every woman and pregnancy is different?


Viv - October 24

You may have ovulated quite early this cycle. S_x Day 8 and 9 may have caught ovulation on Day 10, in which case early symptoms Day 17 would be in order. The hard time swallowing is an odd description. Any sign of fatigue, more frequent urination, or unusual b___st changes?


CGS82 - October 24

Hey Viv, thanks for responding, you are soooo helpful on this forum. I have no other signs of fatigue other then the discomfort in my stomach. My urination has picked up alittle, nothing really bad yet though, just a couple extra trips. And I seem to be "popping" out of my bras that fit just fine last month and I also am getting tingling feels under my nipples and pains in the sides of my b___sts. This might sound silly, but we had s_x early before ovulation in hopes that we would have a girl, Do you know if that whole "girl sperm is strong but slower and lives longer" stuff is true? lol Thanks viv, please respond! :o)



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