Need Help To See If Im Preggo

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chata0428 - August 16

Ok so I had my period on july 5th-9th and I had unprotected s_x on july 23,25 and 26. I started bleeding on the 27th it wasn't that light but it wasn't as heavy as my normal period. I'm wasn't supposed to get my next period til August 6th. I stopped bleeding on the 30th but it was mostly brown discharge that day and I had unprotected s_x again the same day. And on the 31st I had pinkish blood everytime I wiped. Took a pregnancy test on the 7th the day after my expected period and it came out negative. I had s_x again on August 5,6 and 9. I have had very light mucus coming out for about 2 days and usually I have more come out and this time none really comes out between my periods. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since the beginning of july. My br___t feel a lil more heavier and fuller than usual and the circle around my nipples are a darker color sometimes. Some lower stomach pain, been going to the bathroom more often and I felt a lil constipated. Am I pregant?? I'll really appreciate all the help and advice I could get. Thanks! -Rubi


Grandpa Viv - August 16

August 6th minus 14 days gives July 23, so you had unprotected on your most likely ovulation day. The July 27th bleed sounds too heavy and too early for implantation spotting, but you never know! Now you have more peeing, lotion discharge, weird cramping and b___b changes. What about fatigue, smells, appet_te, lightheaded moments, emotions, acne, dreams, hot flashes, backache, runny nose etc? You probably should take a couple more tests at one week intervals using first morning pee. Good luck!


chata0428 - August 17

I still have cramping and my nipples get hard and sore too. I've been feeling cranky and my nose has been stuffed. Having more of an appet_te and I feel light headed wen I get up from laying down. I am going to take a test in a week and I'll keep you guys posted. Appreciate all the help! Thnx, Rubi :]



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