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monique21 - September 12

Ok so I finished my period on the 1st of sept and I had s_x on the 4th. Yesterday (the 11th) I started to get mild cramping with lower back ache and nausea. I also noticed a pulling sensation in my pelvic area, like little tugs, today (the 12th) I have on and off again cramping with lower back ache, some nausea and I am exhausted. My lower abdomen also feels full (not poop full, just solid) and I have been really gassy since yesterday aswell. I know it is to soon for preganacy symptoms but could it be a sign of implantation??? Or maybe something else?? Please help, any ideas are welcome. Thanks


monique21 - September 13

Also last night I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was light pink on the paper.. Its the only time I noticed it. Please help.. Could I be pregnant??


Naomi98 - September 15

Do you know when you normally ovulate in your cycle? If you ovulate early it's definitely a possibility but the timing of the spotting seems more like ovulation. I don't think implantation comes with all those symptoms! Some people feel a little crampy and have spotting but most women don't feel a thing during implantation. I'm afraid either way you're going to have to wait it out and see what happens when your next period is due. There's really no way of knowing til then. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - September 15

I agree with Naomi that it is early in the cycle to be feeling signs of pregnancy, but it could happen. If your period started Aug 26th and you ovulated cycle day 10 (possible) then CD 16 (Sep 11) is believable for the start of pregnancy signs. The signs are somewhat convincing. Try testing the next couple of Sundays using first morning pee, dip method, and see if you can get lucky!


dreamy2433 - September 16

I agree with the above posters. Good Luk


monique21 - September 16

Thanks... I have been spoting for the last 24 hours, Just a light pink/brown color. I dont know what that could be, ovulation would be done by now, so I am wondering if that could be implantation bleeding.



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