Need Input Going Crazy

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Lena76 - January 24

I'll try to make this short, I have been on BCP for a few years, never take them at the same time. My LMP ended 1-6-09. I had unprotected s_x 2x that following weekend, he finished in me both times. I notice Sunday 1-11-09, that my sunday pill was missing. I dont think I double dose. So i didnt take any pill just took my monday pill that monday. My ex & I had a bad break up that Sunday. So I was depressed and stressed out. I started to spot and cramp Thursday. There was dry blood and some mucus. (I thought stressed caused this) I kept light spoting over the weekend. The spotting stop after a few days, but everytime I wipe there was still light color until 1-23-09. Well I started cramping again (1-22 till now) , it feels like cramping but it is very dull, the right side of my lower abdomen, and sometimes on left. then all around my lower abdomen. Never bad pains just mostly discomfort & soreness. By this time I was feeling very exhausted, a little dizzy at times, sometimes a lil nauseous. Smells are starting to get to me, Im hungry but when I try to eat i get grossed out, food taste different, feel warm. I went to by OBGYN yesterday, he just look at my cervix and stuck his finger to feel. He said my cervix was a certain color, that could be a sign of PG, but he really didnt think i was, he said I might have a bladder infection that is making me cramp. (i urinate fine so that was odd). So he had me take a urine pg test that came out negative and prescribed me antibiotics. I thought it was too early to take that test. My AF doesnt come till Thrusday 1-29-09. I didnt think I could be pregnant till all the other symptons came along, and the word Pregnancy started popping up everywhere. Any opinions? I want to wait to see if I get my AF on Thursday. But I am just going crazy.. I never had a scare before.


TTCbabyGIRL - January 24

the more you think of pregnancy, the more you're going to notice things that are related to pregnancy, because you're looking for it. wait a while, then take a test. :)



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