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Barbara - December 2

Here is my story I work with this guy james he'd married and we have for the past two year flirted no big deal I am not the cheating type well the other day he kissed me and i was kinda tripping but i just left it alone well we had to saty after work and we started drinking one thing lead to another and we ended up having s_x. I hated my self for that and i am not like that ..but now i am pregnnat abortion is not an option.. I want to have him sign his rights away and his wife never to know....Nothing has happened between us since he's made hints but i told him NO i feel teribble. Can he sign his rights away before the baby is born - he can't freak out and try and get custody of my child can he shoukd i just not tell him or tell him its not his i am so confused - i regret my decsion to sleep with him but i do not regret the child we made -


JJ - December 2

if he is the father of your baby then he has a right to know and I think it should be his choice wether he wasnts to give up his right to his own far as him being able to sign his rights away before the chile is born i have no idea..but i think ot would be a good idea to tell him that you are pg with his child


Barbara - December 2

Your right i deserve anything hateful anyones has to say to me it is not anything i haven't said to myself. In july my boyfriend got hit by a drunk driver after being on life support for a week he died on the day we were gonna get married a month later in august my aunt was in a car accident and died after being on life support. I have been a mess the doctors had me on several different antidepressants and i could barely make it throught hte day with out having a break down i know its not an excuse and i know what i did was wrong i know that i don;t remember anything of that night and i hate myself for this abd i am sorry and i will have to live with my action for the rest of my life


Tesa - December 2

Barbara - you made a mistake but you were not the married one.


other m - December 2

Barbara, I realize that you're in an awful situation here. I really feel for you, considering what you've had to go through these past months. I am so glad to hear that you're not considering abortion! Life is so precious. You've made a mistake, and it's good you admit it. But you cannot hide this, because one day your co-worker's wife will find out. I think it's best to be truthful about it. It's a mistake you and your co-worker have made and you'll have to face it. Who knows it might be forgiven and forgotten and you won't feel as if you have to live with your action for the rest of your life. As was mentioned before, the father or your baby also has his rights to know and to decide. It was also his mistake! I wish you all the best. I will pray for you, that everything will work out for you, your co-worker, his wife and your baby.


spindy - December 2

can anyone help me, i think i am preggy, but everybody thinks am crazy, am 30 and i know my body, i have had blood and urine tests that came out -ve, i have being having bouts of bloat, ga__sy, very tender b___st, although my period came out twice but it was not normal, has anyone gone thru this b/4, my doc sd it was hormonal chgs


Grandpa Viv - December 3

Oh boy! What would Dear Abby say? Stop worrying about him exercising "rights" to the child. He would have to prove paternity, which would be extremely difficult without your cooperation. Even if he were the acknowledged father, he would have to get a judge to find you an unsuitable mother before he could get custody. He is also not likely to want to tell his wife about this. On the other hand you should be thinking about child support, preferably on an amicable basis. My inclination would be to tell him what has happened and how you want the situation to develop. In the long run it would please the child to know the father, and the father could probably be worked around to where he would derive satisfaction from occasionally seeing the child. The alternative is for you to find another job before the pregnancy becomes obvious. He will figure by the delivery date that he is likely the father, and a tense situation will develop if you will not tell him for sure.



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