Need Some Advice Maybe Pregnant

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daisy22 - June 17

Hi everyone. I am 1 week late for my period, (it was due the 10th) and I am feeling crumby.. so I took a home pregnancy test 2 days ago and it as negative. So, still feeling odd, I had the feeling that I should buy a couple more.. so I bought a first response test that i think was BROKEN because it alrady read a line before i took it and didn't change..? Then I did a clear blue a few hours later and it showed a very faint second line (positivE). I am confused, has this happened to anyone else. Usually I would be finished my period by now and I feel awful, I have a sore throat and cold and feel lazy and tired and just horrid.. plus nauseos. Hard to tell if I have a flu, or pregnant, or what. Arggggg!


soimpatient - June 17

If you had a faint positive then you are pregnant. Take another test just to make sure but if you had a second line within the time alotted then you are preggos...if it was after the recommended time then it could just be an evaporation line and you might not be pregnant.


Seredetia - June 17

well, tomorrow would make 2 weeks of period lateness. I've been going through a lot of stress lately, so I figured that I missed it because of that. Both my husband and I got worried, however, and bought a test today. BFP. Not even a doubt, really, but I'm still in shock...I'm going to have to test tomorrow to make sure of it. I would test again in a few days if I were you to see for certain. They say even the faintest positive is a positive, but even "they" have been wrong. ;) Here's hoping for you!!


daisy22 - June 22

Well its now the 22nd and still no period. I tested 3 days ago and got a negative. Bah!


j. - June 22

test again today! since it will not be fmu, hold off on drinking too much of anything for a few hours and use that to test. if ur pg, u should definitely get an accurate reading by now..after all, u r almost 2 weeks late. test and keep us posted daisy. good luck.



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