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jo_hanna - February 19

i had af on the 19th of jan, 15 days before next af i had a period that lasted 4 days, supposed to get af on the 16th of feb and all ive been having is pinkish discharge that has lasted 4 days but it was only visible when i wiped could this be implantation? ive read on other sites that you get get it about the same time as af but not sure, any advice would be appreciated. ~~~~~baby dust to all that is ttcing ~~~~~


Punkin - February 19

I had this almost exactly! LMP on Jan. 16th around Feb. 4-6 pinkish show when I wiped only that would come and go. I tested on Feb. 11th (early I know!) and I got a BFP!!! Good Luck!


sarahd - February 19

Definitely take a test - good luck!


Grandpa Viv - February 19

15 days before expected AF is ovulation, which occasionally can cause spotting. Something unusual happened at ovulation, and the resulting period is also unusual. You are not telling of unprotected s_x or other early signs of pregnancy. Maybe you are not. Good luck!


jo_hanna - February 20

df and me always have unprotected s_x, the only things ive been expericing is slight cramps and a lot of ga__ses and tiny bits of nausious. when do yous think is the best time to take a test? punkin what where your symptoms when you got your bfp? thanks for the advice


jo_hanna - February 20

also just wanted to add my boss has a dog tyson he never botheres with anyone and always lies in his bed well the other day when i was round tyson either sat at my feet or stood with his head on my knees and looking at me, he only went back to his bed when i was leaving the house. is that normal for animals to do that?


jo_hanna - February 22

just to add im going to take a test on either friday or saturday, the only signs ive had is peeing more and more tired, and slight pain at the bottom of my back, do you think a test would show an accurate result by now?


frozenfeet - February 22

it has been said that animals do have an dog became very clingy...protective almost right away. you are about 6 days late now...I think that a test would be accurate by now...good luck!


jo_hanna - February 22

thanks frozenfeet, i have also got a head cold at the minute started 2 days ago s soon as i test ill let you know the outcome


Grandpa Viv - February 22

When you add them all up you have a great set of early signs, on top of good exposure. Let's see: tired, peeing, lower backache, weird cramps, ga__sy, nausea, runny nose, dog thinks you smell different. What about lotion discharge, dreams, emotions, lightheaded, nipples, b___bs, saliva, diahrrea, constipation, heartburn, short of breath, appet_te, smells, fav foods? The only puzzle is the bleed at ovulation time. Take a home test Sat morning first am pee, and another a week later to check. Good luck!



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