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Ang3lz - May 8

I already posted a thread here some days ago and only Grabdpaviv replied. I'm going to make it short this and my mate had s_x April 05 twice unprotectedly and my cycle was due on the 24th of April but it showed up on the 26th of Aril. It usually lasts about 4 to 5 days. It lasted 3 days this time and I had some spotting for a few days after. My br___t felt sore maybe 3 times but not long. On May 2nd we had s_x again twice unprotectedly and I had some spotting the next morning when I wiped. The spotting sort of contiued for about 2 or 3 more days, enough for me to see in my undies but not enough to use a pad for. My cycle is not due until the 24th of May but I am now expereincing pressure in my va___al area. My br___t don't really feel sore, but funny every now and then. Also, I am not one to eat a lot but sometimes during the night I feel hungry for some reason. I don't want to tell my boo that I might be pregnant until I get some advise as to what I should do. Do you ladies think I might be pregnant? Please respond, all advise is appreciated.


BeckyBunny - May 9

You may very well be. The cervix can be easily irritated (spotting after s_x) during early pregnancy, and many people do have light bleeding early on. The only advice I can really give you is to TAKE A TEST! If you have not already. And if you have...well...wait and see what happens this cycle, if you still do not have a normal period and are concerned, go see your doctor. I would however start taking a multi/prenatal vitamin anyway (again, if you aren't already), as the early weeks are the most important for development, and it can only increase your good health overall to take vitamins. Good luck.


Naomi98 - May 9

3 days of bleeding around the time your period was due kind of sounds like a period to me. Spotting is one thing but period-like bleeding in early pregnancy is pretty exceptional as I far as I know. So I'm guessing you're not pregnant. BUT I could be wrong! As Becky says, time go to down to the shop and buy yourself a home pregnancy test - you should get a reliable result at this stage. Good luck!


Ang3lz - May 9

Thanks Becky and Naomi! I have never had this happen before but I know that sometimes things women experience may not be pregnancy but I'm going to test next week to be sure and let you ladies know the results.



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