Need Some Advice Really Bad

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dont know what to do - March 19

well i have recently found out that i am pregnant. when i told my bf he said to get rid of it? i can't give up or kill my own flesh and blood he says we dont have the money for a baby and that we shouldnt have a baby yet because were not married? he should have thought of that before. somebody please help i dunno what to do


kat - March 19

you obiously dont want to get rid of it so dont,if you boyfriend loves you and is a decent enough bloke then he'll stick around and take responsibility.yes it helps if you are financially secure but as long as your baby is loved and cared for thats all that matters,and as for being married-its only a piece of paper at the end of the day,relationships dont last just because you are married.follow your heart and keep the baby.good luck :o)


bunny - March 19

i had a miscarriage in november, it was the worst pain i have ever felt and i don't think i'll ever get over it. I contemplated an abortion before i had the m/c and felt guilty when i lost it. If you want this baby then don't get rid of it for some guy who can't understand how you are feeling. Honey, this is your baby just make sure that what you do is going to make YOU happy and not screw up the rest of your life. Best of luck to and all that you do. xx


dont know what to do - March 19

thank you guys so much for your advice that really helped


jena - March 19

especially if you think your family will be supportive, keep the baby. you are absolutely right - your bf should have thought through a possible pregnancy BEFORE s_x. i think it's right of him to want to be married first, but you aren't and you are pregnant. if you can't keep the baby, there are SO many wonderful women like those on here that would adopt it from you - just an alternative solution to think of. take care!


best - March 20

NEVER DO THAT, lot's of women round here would die to have a baby of their own, you will regret it all your life, specially when you come to the day where you really want a baby and try to plan it and look around your cycle for your ovulation day...and get frustrated like many of us here....God will now leave a new born baby, you will see , God will send!!take care and try to enjoy your pregnancy!



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