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G - January 1

Hi, I posted earlier without any luck, so I will try again. This is my fourth month TTC. My AF is due on 1/3 or 1/4. Starting on December 30 I have had some nausea, but only at certain times (right when I wake up, after larger meals and sometimes at night). Also, since yesterday my lower abdomen is sore, as though I had exercised(in which I didnt).Does anyone know what this could be...could I be pregnant (we have been trying for the past 4 months). I dont want to get my hopes up though, as I have been disappointed in the past! Any advice would be great!


hoping - January 1

if af is due soon try and take a test. i have better luck on the message center message board. i will get the web site and get back to you.


hoping - January 1 you get faster replies on there.


Grandpa Viv - January 2

That sounds like the "tugging feeling" words that some women use. The timing is right. Nausea is only one of many possible signs - fatigue, gas, discharge, peeing, smell changes, unusual b___b changes are others you can look for. Jan 8th might be too early to test reliably. Try Jan 15th if money is an issue. Good luck!


Nichole - January 2

Just fyi, I have all those same symptoms, but am testing negative at almost 4 weeks past period due date. I don't think I'm pregnant now, so who knows... I think mine is hormonal. Just fyi, you probably are pregnant, I probably am not. Good luck, and I hope your test says positive! :-)


kimmy - January 3

G....My period is due on jan. 4 and the same thing starting on dec 30 I have been feeling nausea, getting huge headaches that will not go away, I also have been vomiting some of my food out, i have been eating more than usual. My lower abdomen i sore too. The problem, my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x the day before i ovulated. Could I be pregnant too ? Im hoping to take a preg test on Jan. 8th if my period does not arrive on Jan. 4th or should I wait a week or so later to take the preg. test.? Please help answer some of my questions. thanks.



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