Need Some Of Your Expert Advise Testing

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maddie - May 16

Hi all....well AF was a no show today (yeah)... .Anyways my question is how long should I wait to test...? And also, can your urine become diluted in that it will give a false negative? The reason I ask is that I have been sooo thirsty lately, drinking enough fluids for everyone on this board :) I have even been getting up 2-3 times night for water. This thrist came on about 2 days ago and I'm worried I'm diluting my urine too much....Also if anyone has any info on thrist I would appreciate it.....Thanks for any input and hopefully AF will continue to be a no show..


mel - May 16

not sure if it would change test


b - May 16

bump....i also have same ques


hello - May 16

Yes urine can be diluted by water. Try not to drink water for aleast 3 hours before testing. I didn't drink water after 5 pm. The next morning I got a BFP with my last pregnancy...I was told not to test until 10 days after a missed period. That way you won't get a false postive. Chemical pregnancy and early miscarriages can give a false postive. Good Luck


maddie - May 16

thanks for the advise. Well I have just finished off the second big gladd of water so I won't be testing tomorrow. But 10 days more of waiting..... I hope I can last


kimmy - May 17

does it matter what color is your urine...dark--light ???


Tonys_girl - May 17

no i dont think that it matters what color your urine is.. your urine is change by what you eat.. at least that is what i have heard


to Maddie - May 17

I wouldn't wait 10 days to test. If you are pregnant, it would be best to know right away, so you can be careful and avoid doing or eating things that could be harmful to your baby. If you test after 10 days you still can't know for sure whether you could miscarry, so why wait? Chances are, you'll be fine and happy to know if you are!!! Besides when your AF is a couple of days late, most home tests will tell you whether you are pregnant or not, regardless if you had a gla__s or 2 of water. Baby dust and lots of it!!


Kimi - May 17

its better to take the test in the morning because your urine is less diluted making the chances for a false negative slimer



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