Need Someone To Bring Me To My Senses

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shannon - September 9

Okay, I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half and for the past several months have stopped trying, just because I've realized that it isn't a rush and I'm happy in my life right now (I'm only 24). This past month my husband and I didn't have s_x once (We were both sick, Sad I know!) I am currently on day 30 of my cycle and I usually see AF on day 27. So I'm a few days late. Even though I know in my mind that it is impossible to be pregnant... my heart keeps grasping at straws. Like maybe I'm 2 months pregnant and I am one of the few women who have a period in the first month of pregnancy. I know that this is pretty much impossible because I had a very regular period last month. But the heart keeps hoping. If I hear from someone else just how ridiculous this is maybe I will get it through to my heart! Or (And this is my heart speaking) maybe someone has gone through this and been pregnant. I just need someone to talk to. Sorry this is so confussing! Thanks


bump - September 9



Annette - September 10

I know how you feel about just hoping your Pregnant. My husband is not ready for kids and I am. I will be 28 next year and he will be 30. I keep hoping that maybe the condom failed or there was other way I could have gotten pregnant to. My period in June was soooo late but i was weird (brown stuff for 2 days then red for two days the brown again,did the same in July.TMInfo. i know). Today I thought I was getting it after 41 days, I had a tiny bit of pinkish stuff. But now it is light brown, so I keep hoping it is implantation bleeding. My heart says that maybe I am and the "period" i think I had is not a real period. But I had a neg. hpt in june. I went off the pill in oct/04 and my periods staring going crazy in 6 mths later, sometimes 28days all the way to 48 days. There is a 5% chance that I am, but I still hope. Let me know how it goes.


shannon - September 10

Thanks Annette and I will keep you posted... you do that same!


Shannon - September 10

So I'm on day 31 and AF is still a no show. Last night I had a lot of cramps (thought they didn't seem like AF cramps) and then nothing there this morning. So of course I'm just getting more and more excited thinking this is it, but I know its not! It can't be... I don't even have any symptoms. I really wish AF would come and I can just go on with my life!


Caring21 - September 10

Shannon why don't you just test and put your mind at ease?!


Shannon - September 10

caring 21, I don't know... I mean I can afford it (Though I hate wasting all that money just to get a negative) but I just keep telling myself its impossible so why spend the money and all the emotions that go with it. I don't know... I figure if AF doesn't show up today or tomorrow I will test on Monday.


katzklaw - September 10

if there's a dollar general (or equivalent) neaby you, you can get a good pregnancy test el-cheapo... like a dollar or so.... they actually DO work... hehe...good luck!


Annette - September 10

Shannon..i totally heat you! For two days now i have what i think is AF and it is light light spotting, I had mild cramps 2 days ago for about 1 hour and now nothing. But I am so not going to waste money on a HPT to get a (-) as well. All i have around here is a dollar store, which I know they don't sell HPT. I only wish i am preg. but i know I can't be either cause 3 mths in a row with a light period can't mean i am preg. I think my body is messing with my mind, just to get my hopes up. I want to get preg. when my husband is ready. I am not going to be that girl that pokes holes in the condoms or some other sneeky method, like "forgetting" to take the pill. Is it really that you are preg. or is it that you want to be so bad that your body thinks it is to? Someday if it is not now, we will both get our dream to come true. For now try your hardest not to think it about, i know how hard it is on your emotions. Try to keep yourself busy and just wait. Keep your chin up to!:-)


Annette - September 10

i meant to say I totally HEAR you..hahaha


Shannon - September 10

So... heres the update on me. Still no AF, and no signs that she's coming. Every once in a while I get a sharp pain in my side. It's always when I'm lying down. Almost feels like gas but I don't think it is. Don't know what that means... maybe I am pregnant? I guess Monday will tell. If I can hold off testing till then! We will see! Annette... thanks for the encouraging words!


Shannon - September 11

Well, its Sunday and still nothing. Not a cramp or anything. If it doesn't come today then I will test tomorrow. That will put me at almost a week late. I don't know what this all means. Every day that goes by my heart keeps getting more excited! It just still doesn't seem possible. Has anyone ever had this hapen to them? I mean I don't feel like I'm pregnant (Not that I know what it should feel like). Thanks everyone!


Shannon - September 11

So, I don't know if anyone is actually reading these posts or not.. but it feels good for me to write it all out! This morning while I was preaching (My husband and I are pastors/officers with The Salvation Army) I had slight twinges in my side and I felt a little quessy. It was really hard trying to continue with our morning service when my mind kept going back to whether I'm pregnant or not! My back is a little achy as well today. Both of these symptoms I never get with AF so just maybe! I figured today that if I am pregnant, I would have to be 2 months along... which means it should show up on a test right away. I really don't think my AF is going to show up... it just doesn't feel like it will... so there is no point in waiting to test. I figure if I am pregnant I need to know now so that I can make sure I make healthy life style choices (eating especially... I never eat veggies!). So Tomorrow morning will be the day to find out. If its negative I can be 100% sure that I am not pregnant and get on with my life! So I will let you all know tomorrow! Have a great day!


Annette - September 11

Hey Shannon...I really got my AF today. That sucks! Oh well, I guess i get it off my mind to. Iknow it feels good to just write this stuff down to. I can't talk to my husband about it cause he don't want kids and the subject streses him out. My sisters understand to a degree but they already have kids. Most of my friends have kids and think we are lucky that we don't have kids. I know having a kid is hard work more than I will lnow until I experience it. But I still have a nagging want in the back of my head. I love kids and enjoy all the kids in my life. I well have to just give my Hubby more time I quess. Let me know how it goes with the HPT. (I got a doc. apt this week to find out why my periods are so messed up.)


shannon - September 11

Annette, I understand completely about not being able to share the ups and downs with your hubby. My husband wants children as bad as I do but I never tell him whats going on because when I finally do get pregnant I want it to be a complete surprise! So when I get my AF I just casually tell him I got it but when I'm late I don't tell him anything. Like right now he has no idea what I'm going through. I guess I just don't want him to stress about it like I do. Anyways... I'm really sorry that AF showed up for you and I hope things will work out with the hubby so that you two can start actually TTC. All the Best! I test tomorrow so I will let you know the result!


Angel - September 11

I totally feel you ladies! My period was late a week and I thought I could have been pregnant from a hot night I had. My "period" wasn't normal and I have no symptoms But for some reason I keep thinking my tummy is gettin big and I might be but when my period was late I took a test and it came up negative so who knows!! My boyfriend wants to wait until he's done with college (in like two years) and I'm ready now so I think it's all in my head though. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has thoughts as i call them (problems)


brunette - September 11

It's weird to cuz I have had the weirdest pain in my stomach like its stretching like heartburn only in the tummy area!and I've had to go #2 alot!I have loss of appit_te. I am never hungry!



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