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SHA - July 7

I believe i am pregnant...i am due for AF 7/10 but ive been having some sypmtoms lately. white bumps around nipple, discharge, mild abdominal cramps, more of an appet_te, and just feeling different all together. I'm 22 w/ a 2 yo son. i just feel really alone for some reason the past couple days. is it too early to get emotional and just want to cry? because i do. my bf works constantly so hes never around. we dont know for sure if im pregnant so i havent really talked about it with him. just kinda keeping it all in and hoping that i am. i just wish he was around more. so what do you girls think? does it sound like pregnancy symptoms to you all? i really need to talk to someone...get some opinions, and talk to people who are also waiting for NO AF around 7/10 .....thanks girls!


SHA - July 7

i really really wanna ball my eyes out you guys....what the hell is wrong with me? :( i really need someone to talk to


Colleen - July 7

I'm so sorry. I know how stressful it is to wait. I am a teacher so I'm not working right now. I have been obssessing about pregnancy. Started reading your info, I thought maybe you were worried about being preg and I thought "uh oh, it sounds like she is." When I saw that you were looking forward to being preg I was relieved, because it sounds like you have the early symptoms. Was you last AF regular. Maybe you are farther along that you think. How did you feel early on in your 1st preg? I definately think that it sounds like you are:) Good luck and Baby Dust*********I'll check back soon in case you still need someone to talk to.


Stephanie - July 7

I can relate to you on the stressful part as well. The waiting game is the hardest. I am waiting for no AF around the 7/22. Why don't you talk with your bf about how you are feeling. I am sure that he will be supportive, and maybe he too has feelings that he wants to express as well. I will send you positive vibes, and especially good baby vibes. Do you remember how your first preg. symptons were? Maybe looking back at that will give you some insight. Take care of yourself.


Mary - July 7

Take a pregnancy test, it could just be that you are emotional because your period is coming. I cry about everything a week before my period!! Some hpt can be taken a week early than your AF is due. I am finding that regnancy symptoms are the same as period symptoms, so just take a test and wait to see. sometimes its good to cry and let it out, it may make you feel better!!:)


Deb - July 7

SHA - Hang in there sweetie. Maybe you should test to put your mind at rest. I wish the best for you!!! I am in my 4th month ttc and mu husband is never home too so am going through the same worries. I dont want to bother him with my emotional it is for sure! I am waiting for af and due 7/9..although I have had regular period like symptoms so I doubt this is my month...although..MARY...are pregnancy symptoms really sign of pregnancy? My b___bs have been MUCH sore than what i am used to! Dont know if its my mond playing tricks on me or what.


SHA - July 7

you guys are the best! thank you for replying i do feel better. Colleen- yes my last AF was reg. i dont remember my symptoms in my 1st pregnancy! i never paid attention, thats why i didnt know i was pregnant for awhile. all i remember is how tired i was thats it. Jenna- Im glad to know its normal to just wanna cry lol. i mean, im happy but still just want to cry. i really feel that im pregnant so maybe im just really really happy and excited i dont know. its confusing lol. Good luck to you as well....sounds good so far! (no AF yet) ***BABY DUST***** Steph- yeah waiting sucks. im sure he will be supportive, hes a great guy. i just wanted to know for sure before i told him. but trust me, as soon as i miss my period im going to tell him to go buy me a test! i know he will be there for me. thanks for your advice! Mary- I actually have taken a coupld tests. i got the ones that can detect it up to 5 days but all negs. but i will again the 11th i think. thanks! Deb- hey, sore b___bs sounds like a pregnancy symptom. could be your month after all. do you get the mild cramping in your abdomen? every time i get it, i get excited! because i know i dont normally feel that. anyways, yeah it sucks being alone all the time. i talk to him on the phone often, but i really dont want to pore my heart out to him over the phone lol. ill just wait. waiting is tough!! good luck to you and keep us posted k? THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE ***baby dust to all who is TTC****!!!!!!



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