Need Your Help Please Please I M Confused

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samantha - April 7

my lmp was on march 12. my husband and i TTC on march 26,27,28,29. my m/c is usually from 28 to 29 days. I am now feeling abdominal flutters, sore/sensitive br___t, appet_te improved for about 1 week, have white discharge down there, sometimes lack of or over sleeping. Is this just the same as PMS or could I be pregnant? When is the best time to use pregnancy test? or is it better to have a blood test at this time to be sure? Please I am so confused..I would really like to be pregnant but I do not want to set myself for disappointment. Given the the circ_mstances, could I be pregnant? thank you and your responses is greatly needed and appreciated. :)


Megs - April 7

Hi Samantha - When did you ovulate? If you had s_x @ that time, then you could have some early signs of pregnancy, that is possible. But it could be period as well. Compare to what you usually feel b4 your period, is this normal? then it could be both,..if not, then you could be pregnant! Good luck


Samantha - April 7

thanks Megs...well i am not really sure about the ovulation thing but maybe i did on the 27th.


Megs - April 7

If by chance you are not pregnant this month, for next month figure out when you are ovulating and have s_x @ that time (before is better and during, not after) have your guy wait about 2 days before you have s_x so it is most powerful then. Then count 14 days past your ovulation, that is when to expect your period. I hope this helped!


Grandpa Viv - April 7

The TTC would have been better 24,25,26 but you may have hit the mark anyway. Fatigue is a common complaint, and a creamy discharge when you expect to be dry is encouraging. If you have the patience, wait until first pee Sat 16th to test. Good luck!


Samantha - April 7

thank you both :) I also forgot to mention that the lmp i had on march 12 was 10 days delayed more than my normal 28-29 m/c. My m/c prior to march 12 was Feb 01...


lei - April 7

are you having flu like symptoms and white cm too? coz my situation is like yours but with these additionl dust to us!!


Jena - April 7

flu-like symptoms were a HUGE sign for me.... and I turned out preggo.


danielle - April 7

i have been through your sitution and i was pregnant, but i am not quite sure if you are. i took a pregnancy test 3 days before i started my period and actually both tests came out positive. ept works the best i have noticed ( after 3 of my own). But, take a test as soon as possible. They are acurate and will tell you now whether you are or not. I hope you are pregnant and good luck.


Samantha - April 7

thanks everyone! now im having cramps and brownish discharge..don't know if my a/f will be coming soon...ooh boy I hope not coz I would really like to be pg. Is the brownish d/c with cramps worrysome if I am pg by any chance?



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