Need Your Opinion Could I Be Pregnant

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Brit - April 4

Okay, so here is the deal I had s_x a couple days before I ovulated and not too long after that I started getting mild cramps in my lower abdominal region(which is very odd for me because the only time I ever get cramps is while I am on my period, which I am is about 5 days away and I have had the cramps for about a week now) And a few days ago my br___t started to feel weird and a little tender, but isn't too bad.(I also have never expirenced br___t tenderness before) Then last night I got pretty neasuas but didn't throw up, I just thought I was going to. Anyways, does this sound like I could be pregnant?....and if so does your br___t just start off hurting a little and then gradually start to become more painful?....I want to think I am pregnant, but don't don't want to get my hopes up, just to be let down.....any help would be great!!


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 4

Hi Brit, It sounds like you may be experiencing some first trimester symptoms, nausea, uterine cramps, & tender b___sts. Do you have a bbt(basal body temperature) thermometer? I would continue to watch your temperature. It it remains high you'll looking good. If you see a temp dip or light spotting, don't be worried, it could possibly be implantation/bleeding. I would suggest drinking carbonated drinks like ginger ale to help with the nausea. When do you expect AF(Aunt Flo)? I would wait til after AF until you test because you don't want any false pregnancy tests.. but I know how hard it is to wait. Waiting is the hard part... Baby Dust to you!!!


Heath - April 4

I have the same symptoms. Send some baby dust my way. ;)


Mrs o - April 5

These are definitely sym. My b___st were tender and felt very heavy- mine didn't get "more painful". Never any pain to me, just sensitive and seemed so big. The mild cramping I did have which is the implantation. Sound pretty good to me that you may become a mom in months to come. Good luck.



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