Needing Ladies With Bfp S To Share Early Signs Before Af

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me - October 12

as ealry as you can ladies it would help us alot


Sally - October 12

With my 2 pregnancies, before a BFP I felt slight nausea (got worse later but at first it was slight). I also had burny cramps and pains around my pubis bone. My brests felt tingly and some days a bra was uncomforatable, My temperature stayed up above the coverline. I was a little tired and a had a few headaches. Hope that helps


SIGNS - October 12

Anyone else have different signs to report???


me - October 12

im testing on friday u see and need some more signs


Laura - October 12

Me, everyone is different. For myself. I can't stand the smell of certian things 5 days after conception. I am tired, get headaches, sore b___sts, frequent urination. I have IBS amd able to tell I am pregnant because I become constipated. Hope this helps.


Georgy - October 12

Hi me, I had bloating, ga__s, hiccups, cramps, sometimes felt like af was about to start. Also had an increase of cm, headaches and a little nausea. Oh yes tender, at times heavy and very sensitive b___sts. Blue veins also appeared more prominent on and around my b___sts. I am 21 dpo, 10 days late and counting and have had several bfp's, my symtons started as early as 4 dpo, mainly bloating and cramps at that stage. Hope this helps and good luck. Sending you some baby dust.


Toni - October 12

Just wondering how anyone can get symptoms before implantation. I have cramps 7 dpo. Could it be????


becca2 - October 12

15DPO BFP. I tried not to read into anything during 2ww but i had slight nausea went off cereal (was the milk) tastied off when it wasnt and vomitted first mouthful this happened about 10DPO and then 14DPO and also had a very high temp instead of going down and of af expected day i had real bad back and leg pain all morning and felt sick, felt like a had ga__sy stomach had to go home from work real tired. Also since 7DPO have been very emotional and have cried at real small things happy and sad things. I also had thrush but have history of UTI so i was on tablets for that so i dont know if it was a symptom or antibotics. This cycle (58 days long yeah usually 39 days very long) i had ovulation spotting BEFORE i o'd for 5 days then noticed ewcm in the last 3 days of brownish spotting then o'd with lots of ewcm enough to notice when on toilet.I didnt notice any cm after that but it might have been coz of thrush. I do have to say though that this is my 3rd mth TTC and the last 2 i read into EVERYTHING and really tried hard to bd right and take temps same time every morning but this month i totally didnt even think about it much (was also on hols first w of 2ww with no internet) and even missed a few temps (not me) we enjoyed bd when we felt up to it and didnt stress i also waited till i missed af to test this time. I know a lot of people say this but i think not thinking about it and not reading into everything works it did for me and i have long cycles too. Good luck it WILL happen to you when the time is right.


to laura from me - October 13

i have ibs aswell and have noticed a change in my bowel movements its alot slower and its loose all the time and darker not light like it always has been.


Toni - October 13

Thanks Becca!


Laura - October 13

Me, I just wanted update I have been so tired these last few days. I have a bad taste in the back of my mouth, gag when I brush my teeth. My husband asked how I was feeling and he offered to go and by the hpt's. I do not want to get to hopeful. I had a dream last night that I took a test and it was positive. Baby dust to all.


SIGNS - October 13

Lately Ihave been remebering all my dreams. I've had sore/tingle in my b___sts. I've been having joint pain in fingers and feet. I'm 1 week late for AF. I haven't test yet because AF feels like it is around the corner. My DH works at apizza place and pizza is my favorite food. I don't even like the smell and tast anymore. They were having deep fried mushrooms the smell of them almost made me "puke" I've had really had bad heartburn for 2 days after missed AF and really sore tailbone. I remebering have this with my other children. I never remeber having morning sickness at all. I hope this is my month wish me luck and "BABY DUST to eveyone"



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