Neg Blood Test But Still Pregnant

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Shannon L - July 1

has anyone ever had a neg blood test and found out they were pregnant. I have not had a period since 3/22/05 I took 4hpt one urine test at the doc and one blood test all neg. If anyone has any info please help


E'mette - July 2

I would got to your doc and get checked out. It could even be a serious thing if you have not had your period in that long of a time. Really go to the doc and get a PAP and a complete done ASAP.


Shannon L - July 3

E'mette I had a pap done back in late feb early march. Nothing came back bad. I'm not having pain. I just don't want to take the pills if there is any way that I am preg


dee - July 4

i didnt have a period from 3/22/05 to 6/12/05. i thought i was pregnant too but found out after an ultrasound i have polycystic ovaries.


shannon l - July 4

dee is that where you have cyst or what is polycystic ovaries. If it is cyst did you ahve any pain?


nikki - July 5

i am having problems similar to yours shannon. the suggestions i've gotten r to go to ur doc and insist on an ultra sound which is what i intend to do. let us know what u decide to do and ur outcome. best wishes!!


Shannon L - July 8

I have not taken the pills yet. I am going to the doctors next week to get the pills. nikki how late is your period?


dee - July 9

shannon, polycystic ovaries or PCO is little cysts on your ovaries. They form as the body doesnt produce enough of a specific hormone and doesnt release the egg. Therefore not ovulating-->no periods. I am now on clomid to help ovulate. My results after one month are great. i did ovulate. Now waiting for my period tomorrow. Hopefully I wont get it.


Shannon L - July 9

Dee, Good Luck. did you have pain when you were not having your period. Thanks for all the info that your giving me.


Shannon L - July 9

dee, I forgot to mention the pills they want me to start taken have estrogen in them. Is that what you took to start your period?


Shannon L - July 9

Sorry I ment Progesterone is what they will be giving me.


cici - July 9

You can miss a period and not be preg. there are other reasons for it to not happen. are you stressed alot cause that could cause it. look it up ive found plenty of thing that it could be


Shannon L - July 10

I have not been stressed. I have looked it up the only other thing i think it is is a cyst. I go to the doctors to get the pills on tuesday



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