Neg Preg Tests Until 10 Weeks

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Clarissa23 - May 18

with all 3 of my kids i have had negative hpt and blood tests until about 10 weeks along when one will finally come positive. i believe i might be pregnant with baby #4 but do not have a period to judge by because i am still nursing my youngest and have not yet had a period. I had some slight spotting on Tuesday but no more since. just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience


canadagirl - May 18

Clarissa I am still nursing my 20th old also, but my af did resume over a year ago, and lately has been irregular, today is cd 41, i spotted about 3 days last week, and like you I get my bfp late, so I have no idea what's going on


Clarissa23 - May 19

have you had any symptoms?


Saird - May 19

I didn't know you could get a neg. blood test. Does this really happen?


autumn85 - May 19

well i am 13 days late and i am guessing it is soon to be 14 because i dont think af is going to show tomorrow. last time i tested was 3 days ago and it was bfn. i am going to wait until sunday if af doesnt show. i just wonder if i could still be pregnant but i have read other posts and it seems like people say if you dont get a positive by 2 weeks then something else is wrong.


Saird - May 19

You should see some of the posts on the pregnancy tests forum. People who have had neg blood tests for months! I can see urine tests being neg, but blood tests? How can that be?


canadagirl - May 19

Clarissa so far I just started having sore and painful b___bs especially when dd is nursing. And I have a lot of pressure down there it just feels like I just gave birth and I can hardly I have no idea what is going on, I took a test today again and still negative..I will keep u updated and keep us updated also


Clarissa23 - May 20

yes saird it can happen. i have been told that i have low pregnancy tests do not work until i am 10 weeks along..with my 3rd child they finally saw him on ultrasound and i was 20 weeks! All blood and urine test had come negative all along


Clarissa23 - May 20

canadagirl...i have same thing...b___bs hurt alot when nursing..same sensation of pressure and hot flashes. i am waiting until a week or so more to go back to doc to get a blood test that measures my hcg level not just neg or pos


Saird - May 21

Clarissa- when this happens, and you get a neg blood test, do you tell your doctor that you think you are pregnant? And does he/she believe you? Just curious. I got a negative test this week and still no AF. It's been something like 60 days!


Clarissa23 - May 22

yes saird i just tell the doc that i really feel pregnant...and i just wait until i can get either a positive test or another ultrasound. you know your own body and if the doc wont listen than sometimes u need to find one who will



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