Neg Test Are These Symptoms A Figment Of My Imagination

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VickyA. - September 21

ok, so i posted a blog before, but i cant find it, so imma ask my question! I took three preg test? the first invalid. The second hours later - (1 am) - that was neg. then about two weeks after that - neg again. the reason i took the test in the first place was beacause i skipped a month, i ended up getting my period the next month, but it lasted 3 days - and it was light, the next month my periond did the same but only last 2 days and was even lighter than the previous month. should i take another in the morning? Im having symptoms that i hadnt even realized women had. Like when im laying to go to sleep or reating and watching Tv, i can feel my heart beat and sometimes i think i can hear it. I understand that if you lay a certain way that may happen, but sometimes i can even feel it in my hands. and a few months ago i was haiving severe headaches. i thought myabe it was the heat, or i had high blood pressure, even though ive never had problems with my blood pressure. i was and still get a bit dizzy. I was getting tired a lot, but not anymore. Another thing, Sometimes my left side hurts, like my rib cage or whatever - i did research and found that could be a sign of prenancy because the organs are moving as the uterus enlarges making room for baby. I get the hiccups quite frequently, more than i have in years. I read actually on this website, that that can happen. Earlier, last month i belive it was - or maybe earlier this month, like if i coughed hard, or burped or laughed, i would be on the verge of throwing up, i would literraly gag, all the time. my periods are usually regular, in fact the are very regular and if i skip a month i end up making up for the month i missed...thats why im so shoked at these last two periods. im also a lot more gassy than usual - in fact ive been gassy 24/7. Im not trying to be gross, and im sorry if i grossed anyone out - but it's ridiulous, and embarassing. i dunno Also, im having a hard time telling whether or not im feeling movement or gas...and sometimes ill feel a little tickling near my belly button...and if i am, i think i felt a flutter a week ago, but i havent felt anything like that since...just gas (im assuming). but it happened when i saw "My baby's daddy" and i wasnt nervous to see him, in fact i was excited! But prior to that i hadnt seen him in a few weeks after seeing him almost everyday. Do you think that the baby (if there's one in there) would be able to identify his voice? If i am pregnant, i think id be coming up on 16 weeks. I havent been to the Doc. Yet - too scared imma get caught by someone that goes to my church - im not married, and my parents are very devout as am i (or was) - just got caught up in the wrong crowd. Do you think maybe my body is changing becuase im coming up on a birthday? But the night (you know) I couldve sworn i was dreaming, you know? I had been drinking....i've talked to a few friends who are s_xually active, and they said they dont think i am - but i cant remember anything and i dont remember any details. Anyway, if you can help, please let me know what you think, im sure i left something out - oh, yeah, and i will cramp a little - but that as well could be gas, im not too sure whats going please help! PS Im sorry this thing is so long! these are just questions that i have been pondering...for a while...with no sure answers- i probably should go to the doctor....



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