NEG Test But NO Period

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Tiff - June 8

I am now 18 days late and have taken three pregnancy test. all have come back negative... BUT i still have yet to get my period. I have never missed a period before and we have had unprotected s_x for over 2 months now and i know that i was ovulating on some of the days we had s_x and a few days before and after... I thought the pregnancy test would have detected the hormone already since i am 18 days late and i have no cramps or symptoms of my period coming. I am 20 yrs old and have never had any problems with missing a period or being extremely late. I am going to wait till ( if ) I miss my second period before i go to the docs.... i have had severe head aches and constipation and gas and nauseu and have thrown up once. has anyone had this problem or can tell me anything that will help?


Kathryn - June 8

You're not alone. If AF doesn't come and you still get a neg HPT, go to the doctor and see if they'll give you a blood test--it's supposedly more sensitve. If it's neg, maybe something else is causing the missed AF. Sometimes stress can do it. I haven't had mine in 2 months, but just came off the pill, some I'm doubting my symptoms are really what I want them to be. I'm trying to wait at least another week or more before I test again if AF doesn't come. I hope you get the result you want!!


tryingtoo - June 8

here are some possiblites...I had the same thing happen to me I had never missed an AF evere! and I am almost 21 and then missed one and I was not pregnant...and the doc says that can just happen sometimes with no I don't think you should wait until your second miss AF because the Dr can give a blood test and will tell you for sure and w/o any doubt and then you can be watched by the Doc and if you don't get AF or of it is not regular anymore they can help you out! I hope this helps!


Pink - June 8

are you using first morning urine with the preggo test?


Tiff - June 9

I did use Urine in the AM(once,3-5days ago about 10-12 days late) after i woke up. BUT i had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom a few times..I have read and heard from actual friends that have had this problem.. to where my friend was 2 1/2 months pregnant 12-15 test neg and she went to planned parenthood and they said she was pregnant and that the test she took where no good.. HOW can 12-15 test and possibly my 3 all be bad? after hearing my friends story it makes me wonder why these things are even sold...i dont see how all these test are defective!??! I have searches online about neg test and being pregnant i see so many storys! im so confused....


pink - June 9

it would driving me crazy waiting as long as you have waited w/o going to doctor. i would just "have" to know. do you have insurance that would cover a doctors visit? if so, i would go now just to be sure. and i personally am not sure what to tell you about the test but i do know that if indeed you are preggers that you need prenatal vitamins for the baby!! Good Luck, keep us posted please!


Tiff - June 9

I have no insurance. BUT if i am pregnant i will be covered under my husband for mothers insurance while im pregnant. i just have to pay for the test and visit to see if i am pregnant...lets hope that it doesnt take an arm and a leg for the docs to tell. I am takin some regular vitamins and i am going to get some prenatal ones as soon as possible. my husband and i have talked about getting them, better safe then sorry. and we are still trying to have one, even if im not at the the vitamins will be a good idea. I havent been on any birth control and we havent used any protection....which is why im thinking im pregnant instead of stress or something else...


Kathryn - June 9

If you can't afford the prescrip prenatals, go to Wal-Mart or womething. They have over the counter ones that are inexpensive and easy to swallow. The major diff between them and a regular multi vitamin is the amount of folic acid which is most important in the first trimester.


Tiff - June 9

I went to walgreens and we purchased the prenatal supplements the folic acid 800 MCGs I looked at the other brands and they all had the same amounts of everything. I plan on starting them tomorrow after breakfast as it says take after you eat. im glad that there are women that have been through this and know about it.thank ya'll so much for the help you have gave and the help im sure i will get in the next few weeks or so.


emma - June 10

hi tiff, iv,e been trying for 3 months now and i'm 7 days late i would suggest that you do another test because sometimes it doesn't show up untill your about 6 weeks pregnant and you were only 10-12 days late when you did your last test go for it girl! well if i'm not then a womans mind can play awfulll tricks because i've been having sore b___bs and frequent headaches aswell as heartburn what do you think emmaxxx


jue - June 10

Hi tiff, you sound like me, I did about 15 hpt's and they all came back NEG, I tried using a strip pg test that i got from ebay at 19 dpo and it came out very faint +, this is the only type of pg test that work on me for some reason. when I was pg with my youngest son (he is now 13 yrs) I did a hpt at 6 months and it still came out neg, some women never get a + hpt it is something to do with low levels of hcg in the body. I am now 7 weeks pg and have my first u/s today at 3pm, in the first few weeks I had cramps, headaches (from 2/3 pm till I went to sleep), weeing alot, feeling sick,constipation, tired and no period. do a hpt when your af is late and good luck.


Tiff - June 10

I was going to buy more test yesterday while at the store..I figure im just going to act like i am pregnant and take the prenatal pills and go to the doctors. the test seem to be doing none of us any good. My husband last night kissed my tummy and i said ur kissing my tummy he said no im kissing the baby.. AWWW... So we are both hoping I am having a baby... I do know I have been soo constipated I havent ever had a problem like this before.... when you just cant go its horrible. and the other day the smell of pizza made me sick?! whats up with that? and of course i normally need more sleep then most people, BUT i have been sleeping soo much sometimes i nap around 11-12 and dont get up till 4-5 after i slept at night...i wake up yawning lately and can barely keep my eyes open only after 2-3 hours of being awake. I guess im just pretty nervous about going to the doctors. I do NOT want to go to a planned parenthood place. way to many storys i have heard from personal friends...Last thing i need is someone lookin down on me and being rude and degrading.. one lady made my now 3 month pregnant friend cry... after tellin her she wasnt pregnant by doing a urine test. I guess she proved her wrong.. she finally made a big stink and had an ultra sound done and found a baby.. well darnit...see why im so nervous? haha..



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