Neg Test But Still No AF

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Elizabeth - June 14

Hi, I just have a few questions. My last period was on May 4, (today is June 14) It really only puts me 8 days past when AF should have come. But I have had really sensative nipples and headaches for about a week and a half now. No sore br___ts though, that is usally my first sign AF is coming. I took an EPT test after 4 days late and it came up negative. Is there anything else that causes nipples to become this sensative? Or should I just wait another week and test again? Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks, Elizabeth


anna - June 14

hi, i have taken 4 test and they were all negative i have a dr app. for next week i have cramping off and on it is not all the time but it has lasted 4 weeks. you are not a lone. my nipples are sensative to but my b___sts are sore.i dont know what is up


wanda - June 14

I had the same things anna and I just had a doctors appt. to have an annual and a bpt. the test came out negative for pg (no other health abnormalties). she stated my cervix looked fine but did say what my uterus looked and when she got the test results she looked puzzled as if she was expecting different results. Just wondering if anyone has had this before and turned out to be pg anyway (not those who could find out around two wks of a missed period but those who ended up finding out later say around months after a missed period and all tests were wrong). Just curious bc the dr. said there is nothing health wise wrong with me and she then wrote out a prescription for folic acid. (unusual if physically im not pg). any help or advice would be appreciated. thanks


Ellan - June 14

I've had the almost the same thing.. And i'm scared to death i'm 16 years old an I don't know what to do i've been worrying to death and I haven't told anyone but my boyfriend.. I've been having head aces on an off an cramps on and off.. My last period was My 06 and its June 14 and i still haven't started i'v been late for my period before but never had cramps like this be4 and not have one.. I've took 2 tests like 4days ago an they both said no... I dont know if i should worry about this or not.. They do say worrying does make your period late.. But my b___bs haven't been hurting..


superbadchick - June 14

My last af was May 9th, which according to my cycle puts me at 8 days late. Sore nipples & extremely tired, but of course , no Drs. appt til next week. I would wait another week, test again, and if still no af & negative then go to the dr.



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