Negative And Still Feel Pregnant Need Help

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cindy - March 28

I have taken a total of 6 pregnancy tests and they have all been neg. I feel very pregnant. I previous thought my LMP was 2 months ago, but I realized it was 3 months ago. I feel nausa,colostrum from br___ts, my stomach is hard, bumps on my br___ts. I just read a article that says bleeding after s_x is an indicator for pregnancy(I experienced that also) and I have been spotting for 3 weeks which the article said should be normal. I even feel some movement which could or could not be pregnancy. I went to the ER and told them of my symptoms and signs. They took a urine test which I knew was going to neg.(it was) and said I said my cycle is just backup and trying to come on. Is that a reason my stomach to be swollen and hard. If someone has ever been in this situation please let me know? Also let me know what the outcome is.


shannon - March 28

Sorry to hear about all of this, i know it is discouraging. however, it is possible that you are pregnant. For lots of women, there is not enough hcg to show up ion urine tests for months! some women will get negative tests throughout the entire pregnancy!!! i would suggest you go to the doctor and have bloodwork done, that should tell you for sure. good luck, shannon


charmaine - March 29

don b too disappt if u r not. i was late for 2 mths 1 wk and then the period came .. i was so disappointed coz my weight shoots up alot too. BUT i wish u luck & hope tat urs is a babe to come ***baby dust***


Hi - March 29

It's not impossible that you could still be pregnant but have a sonogram done, have done checked for ovarian cyst or make sure you find out exactly what is wrong. Baby dust to you.


victoria - March 29

well i am having the same exact thing as you except for all the bleeding i had w weird period on March 6th. here are my symptoms: i have colostrom coming out of my b___bs my belly is huge (i'm a small woman) it gets hard sometimes(mostly at nights) but is not alwasy hard, i have addominal cramps, i am eating all the time and breaking out like hell. i've had 2 negative hpt and another negative one at the doc last wednesday. my doc saids something weird happened with my hormones and he's sure i'm not pregnant because the tests they have at his office is really sensitive and it was negative,he didnt examine me or anything. I'm going back tomorrow for an examination and some blood tests. i have been doing the do without protection for 8 months now + i have a 2 year old i know what being preggo feels like. Lately i have also started to feel movements in my stomach. well good luck to you honey.


ellie - March 29

get a blood test done, but get the one that measures how much hcg is in your body (i cant remember the name for it) instead of the qualitative test, which just gives a yes or no, as the qualitative test has a cut off point, where if your body isnt making enough hcg it will come out as a negative, if that makes sense. if that is negative and your still thinking you are, get an ultrasound. it is very rare but some women can't produce the hcg hormone and pregnancy tests dont work for them. good luck



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