Negative Blood And HPT Still Pregnant

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eva2213 - August 19

Hi, I am 30 yrs old, and have a 4 1/2 yr old. I am one week late for my period, the last period I had started on July 18th and lasted about 6 days, which is normal for me. The 6th day is very very light. Anyway, I never am late, except when I found out I was pregnant before. I have been alittle sick to my stomach, have had weird cramps, and my br___ts and nipples have grown, from last night to today seems to have grown a 1/2 cup size and are achy, especially my nipples. I have taken 2 hpt and had a blood test yesterday, all negative. Is it possible to still be pregnant? When should I test again. I see posts like this but not really any answers for anyone. Please help me, I dont think swollen and achy br___ts could be my body faking me out. Also, I have been tired, actually lost a few pounds, been constipated (have gi problems, usually go at least 3 times a day, very soft) and my temp has been higher than usual. Please advise, someone, please...


suzyj - August 20

Hi I'm having a very similar problems to you - have a look at my post under yours - I was reading up last night about the 'hook effect', where you rbody is producing too much hormone for it to detect as it goes off the scalse. I feel ridiculous at the moment - I have 3 children already, and I really want a 4th. I've had neg uring and blood test - also having periods every month, slightly late. I know its not just weight as I don't put weight on in this way ! My friends think I am going mad as all of the obvious tests say a definate NO ! I'm not convinced though - I hope I'm not having a phantom pregnancy. :-( - let me know how you go anyway - its nice to be in the same boat as someone x


kimberly - August 20

Could be you have a ovarian cyst or something causing your hormones to be out of whack. It does happen RARELY that a women will test negative for a while and then get a positive. Most of the time though it is a hormonal issue when a women feels pregnant but has a negative blood and urine test after a missed period. Then again maybe a week late isn't late enough for you, some women do take a little longer to get a positive. Test again in a few days using first morning pee, and a early pregnancy test, like first response. I would think the blood test would have been acurate though. Good Luck, hoping you are!



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