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jj - March 29

ok well my last cycle was feb. 15th....i still have not started af as of today...took a hpt this morning and it was negative...if i was pg wouldn't it show positive already....i have never before missed a period or have been so extremely late....not sure what to think and i don't have a doc. app. till next wednesday....any advice would really help....anyone else going through this...


shannon - March 29

hi jj, unfortunatley, i am with you. my last period was Feb. 11, and like you,i took a hpt this morning. BIG FAT NEGATIVE! it was so discouraging! i really thought this time was it, but, i have heard many people dont have positive results until far into pregnancy. i think i am going to call the doc and get blood work done. what are you going to do? are you going to wait?


jena - March 29

yep - in your boat - lmp was feb. 16th - i have had 3 blood tests - waiting for 3rd result today - shannon, you should get a blood test! my diagnosis: "semi-pregnant" - most likely a miscarriage unless my hCG levels go up drastically today... hopefully this isn't the case for you girls.. but yes, it can take a while - but i'd go to the doc anyway just to see why you are so late - it drives me nuts bc i want to be ttc!!! it's kind of hard to do when you don't get af, as you girls know! good luck to you - jj, i'm sorry you have to wait so long for your doc!! good luck!


jj - March 29

thanks....i wanted to go tomorrow on my day off but they didnt have any openings till next week so i guess i will continue to wait and go to see the doc on april 6th....i just hate all this waiting and just wish i knew for sure so i know what to plan of luck to you


KT - March 29

Yes, I am going through this too. I have looked on the internet for some answers. You could be late if you have a higher amount of stress, if you are on birth control, possible thyroid problems, or if you happen to be b___stfeeding. None of these apply to me. I've been told to take another hpt after being 6 days late (right now, I am 4 days late). If it is still negative and I still don't get my period after 7 days, then call the DR and make an appt.


jj - March 29

yeah none of those apply to me either...if i was pg how many weeks would i be....not real sure how to calculate that...i have never been pg before if i am this will be the first...


jena - March 29

jj - as far as how to calculate, your first week of pregnancy would actually be the week of your last period. your period is considered week one, then the next week when you ovulate is week 2, etc... weird but that's how they count it... so both of us would be gosh, what 6 weeks by now? weird!!!


MM - March 29

I haven't had a period since Dec. 26/04 (but I had some blood when I wiped on Feb. 9/05). I have not been on bc for over a year, don't have any more stress than usual, etc. I have very irregular periods (except when I was on bc) so I don't know what to think. I have had some symptoms but they aren't there all the time & I've never been pregnant before so I don't know how it feels. I guess I would be around 10 or 11 weeks if I was. I am going to try to see my doc on Apr. 11 because I feel like I may be pregnant but hpts are neg.


jj - March 29

yeah jena you are would be 6 by now i would think a hpt would show positive by now..but i have read where some didn't test positive till like 10 weeks or so....guess we just have to wait it out and see what happens....i can't wait to go see the doc..


*** - March 29

baby dust


candy - March 29

i was due to start march 9 i still have not started my test keeps popping up negitive to i dont uderstand whats going on if you get any good advice please contact me..


Angie - March 29

I dont know how it goes for you all, but I could call my dr and tell him what was going on. If I couldnt get in he would just have me go to the hospital for a blood draw there. They have the results back within the hour. Hopefully your dr.s will do the same for you. Wishing you all the best as I'm going through a miscarriage now. Baby dust to you all.


jj - March 29

angie....sorry to hear about heart goes out to you...much love


MM - March 30

Angie, so sorry to hear...


jena - March 30

jj - is there any way to stop in at the doc for a blood test? that would really tell you what's up!!!


jj - March 30

yeah i cant get in till next i am just waiting


Andy - March 30

I have a friend who was in the same situation as alot of you ladies. Her period was month late, she too was very regular to the date. I know she tooked a couple of pregnancy test but they all came out negative. She eventually had her period. In her case it more than likely was stress, I know her and she can stress out alot. Or it could of been a miscarriage and she just thought it was a late period. The best thing I would do in that situation is get a blood test done and talk to my docoter. Wishing you the best and of course Tons of Baby Dust!!



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