Negative Hpt But Pregnant

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Karen - July 11

I am a 25 year old mother of a four year old. I feel that I am pregnant but have taken two tests with negative results. My body is very strange. With my daughter (almost four years ago) I did not find out I was pregnant until I was 22 weeks! (I had really heavier than normal periods for the four months I was pregnant) Looking back I was tired a lot and felt sick sometimes (I thought it was just my IBS acting up). However, when I missed my period (I was 20 weeks then), I went to the doctor's 2 weeks later, they ran a test and thought I was just pregnant. When they did an internal exam, they found that she had been tucked up under my ribs! (The amazing part was, I had an internal scope put in my rear-end to look at my organs when I was around 16 weeks and the doctor noticed that I didn't have a gallbladder (removed) but didn't notice a baby! Once they moved her from under my ribs, I grew, felt kicking and had a perfect baby. Now however, I have missed my period again. Since I have only missed that one other time, I think I'm pregnant. My husband and I think I might be and are excited. With the first one, I gained no weight but got rounder and my clothes were getting tighter. The same is happening now, as well as tiredness, nausea (sometimes) and I swear that I have movement on the left side! Any suggestions on what I should do? Could my hcg levels just not be present? Would a blood test really tell anything? Should I ask for a sonogram. I would really like to hear from anyone who might have experienced similar situations. Thanks!


Mckayla - July 7

With your first pregnancy, did you have negative pregnanct tests? With my first, I got negative results until I was four months along. Everyone thought that I was insane at first. Let me know if you find out anymore information, like you Im going through the same thing again.


Karen - July 7

Hi Mckayla, In my first pregnancy I never took a pregnancy test until I was 22 weeks along already so that's what confuses me. I did read though that and period while pregnant can produce very low hcg levels so tests may not work. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow to get a blood test and request a sonogram. Did you just have to wait until a test came positive with your first? What about now, what is your situation? I would be interested to hear. It is nice to have someone expereincing the same thing! Like you, I'm afraid others think I'm nuts! I'll keep you posted. Karen


Mckayla - July 8

Yea with my first pregnancy, I just had to keep testing, then finally during four months, I went into the hospital very early in the morning before work, thatsn i got a positive. I don't know if it was because of first morning urine or what. I really don't want to wait that long this time, I want to be able to relax and not be worried that something serious is wrong. I had an v____al ultra sound and Im still waiting for the results. I'll keep you updated.


Karen - July 8

Hi Mckayla, I went to the doctor again today and had a urine test done and it was negative. However, my doctor is really good (this is my baby doctor) and she said that with her expereince, she believes the woman when they think they are pregnant. She sent be to get a blood test for my hcg level. Have you had this done? I'll find out the results tomorrow. I'll let you know. Good luck! How old's your first? Karen


Karen - July 9

I got the blood tests back and it says under 5 hcg. So they say I'm not pregnant. Now what? I guess I just wait and see. Any advice?


Mckayla - July 11

Have you had you regular pap done? Maybe you should ask for an ultra sound to make sure that you don't have any cyst or other hidden problems. I waiting is nerve wreckin, but I quess we both are going to have to do it. Let me know what happens, as I will continue to keep you updated.



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