Negative HPT Results. Period 6 Days Late. Seeking Advise.

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Eden02 - February 21

Hello Everyone,
I am new here and am looking for some advise to my current situation...
A little back story, I came off of my birth control mid-late December 2017. I had been on the same and only kind of oral birth control for two years before deciding to no longer take it. I visited my gyno for my yearly check-up in January and everything was fine.
My husband is sporting major baby fever and I myself am ready for the wonderful journey of parenthood, but instead of "trying" we wanted to just let whatever was meant to happen do so in it's own time.
My last period started January 19th which "technically" made it two days late from my scheduled 28 day cyle due to my birth control. It ended 6 days later on January 24th. As of today, my period which "should" have came on February 16th, is not here. I have taken two pregnancy tests (the first was two days after my missed period and the other just yesterday which would have been five days after my missed period) and they were both negative.
I am experiencing bloating, mood swings, fatigue, increased urination, mild cramping here and there, sensitve nipples, (though my breasts don't really seem to be tender) headaches, and I am having more bowel movements (both just regular and just as of today diarrhea.) I know these are typical PMS symptoms for myself personally, but I also know these CAN be early pregnancy symptoms. 
My husband and I have been sexually active with no protection so I know there is a possibilty of pregnancy, however, I am slightly thrown off with the late period (before I was on BC, my periods were never this late. Perhaps early or late by a few days but never like this) 
Is it possible that my body is still recovering from coming off my BC? Or should I wait a few more days and test again? How long should I wait without a period before contacting my physician? 

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any and all help!


Grandpa Viv - February 21

Good luck with your quest, Eden. If you have the patience there is no harm waiting until you miss a second period before visiting a doctor. Just take prenatal vitamins in case. 



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