Negative Results At 8 9 Weeks

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Mandy - May 3

hi all...:) I suspected that i am preggo since the end of february but had no symptoms and had af which was shorter than usual. I have tested myself twice in april - one in 15 april and one last week. They were all negative. Do you think that my imaginatoin works hard? is it possible to have two neg.tests at 8-9 weeks ? I'll appreciate any answer!


bev - May 3

not immpossible...everyone is different:) I'm haveing the same exact problem...:(


Mandy - May 3

Bev - what is your situation? You have negative tests or you have af or both? I am so scared.....!!!


Rainbow - May 3

There always seem to be cases where somebody tested negative, but was already weeks pregnant. But it is rare for that to happen. It is more common to have periods that vary from weak to strong to medium. How short was AF? What other symptoms do you have? Personally, I'd trust the test results, but then in my case the tests have never been wrong.


Curious - May 3

If you have NO pg symptoms, haven't missed af & had 2 neg hpt's, why do you think you are pg?!


Mandy - May 3

Curious - the problem is that I had shorter AF - it lasts 6-7 days normally but last month it was only 3 days and in march it was 5 days. That is why I am concerned.


Rainbow - May 3

It's more common for your periods to vary, than a test to give you a false negative at 10 weeks (especially when you did bleed.) Thing is, if you think you are pregnant but you are not, then you could be missing out on chances to get preggers this month!! Good luck.


Lynn - May 4

I am in the same boat. I have had lighter/shorter periods since Jan. I have many pregnancy symptoms, but all my tests are neg. I went to an obgyn when I would have been at 11 wks, who said I wasn't pregnant. But she only did a urine test, and I have a funny feeling that if you are still having periods, urine tests will come up neg. I doubt what the obgyn said since my symptoms have not gone away (in fact, my b___sts and abdomen are bigger than when I went to the obgyn, and I have not ovulated since Feb.) I'm renting a baby dopplar and once I hear the heartbeat, I am going to show the dr she was wrong!


Rainbow - May 4

Lynn, did your gyno do an internal? Any kind of pelvic exam? Because at 11 weeks, he/she should certainly be able to feel an enlarged uterus and a softer cervix. These are some of the things docs would normally check for.


lynn - May 5

Yes, the obgyn did an internal. But she didn't comment on the enlarged uterus. I know for a fact that my uterus is enlarged because I can feel it about 1 1/2 inches below my navel. Normally, you can't feel it until you are about 14 wks pregnant.


rising uterus - May 5

As far as I know the top of your uterus is supposed to rise just above your pubic bone at 12 weeks. It's odd your gyno didn't say anything to you about it.


Personally... - May 5

I don't think you are pregnant. If you have had your periods AND negative HPTs than I would say you are most definately not. Sorry. Keep trying.


Lynn - May 6

I had a relative who had her period throughout her pregnancy. Besides, my periods haven't been normal. Usually, they are 7 days long and very heavy the first 2 days (I go through 22 overnight pads in 2 days). My period in Feb was 5 days, Mar 4 days, and Apr 3 days and each month the volume was about half of the month before (I didn't even use 22 pads the whole period in Apr.). I had also ovulated regularly (I am one of those people who have pain during ovulation) until Mar-last ovulation in Feb! I have veins everywhere, my b___sts have increased 1 cup size, and I already have to wear maternity pants. Either I'm pregnant, or something else is going on (the obgyn said everything was normal,which it can't be, and I know it's not psychological because I wouldn't behaving a period at all).


? - May 7

i agree with personally you are not pregnant. jus keep tryin


celia - May 7

i wasn't having period for months at a time, went to ob because i thought i was preg. but hpt were always neg. had exam at dr and urine test was not preg. gave me progesterone for 2 weeks and went back the 3rd week and saw a different dr. still no af and preg test still neg. did ultra sound to see what was going on and found out i was 8 wks preg. at 6 months decided to do hpt to see if it would come up pos. and still came up neg.. ya just never know... listen to your body.


No,you're not - May 7

Hello..Celia, this doesn't really help..,Mandy has been having her periods *and* she has no symptoms!! Your case was different. Still don't understand why Mandy would find it so hard to believe she isn't pregnant! No symptoms, no Positives and AF...uhmm, nope not likely.


skye - May 8

hi :) everyone is saying this that and the rest. ask ur doc to do an ultra sound and you will know then. dont feel silly asking. its your body and you have the right to ask to have it done. i hope all goes well. chin up.



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