Negative Test But Too Many Symptoms

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t-rex - August 16

i had unprotected s_x for 2 weeks straight in july then now in august i have missed my period, and having alot of symptoms, but have had numerous negative test at home and one negative blood test. i realize that the harmone level may not be high and i know im not putting this in my head. something is definitely different! soem say they dont find out until they are 2 months, can negative blood test lie? come on girls help me out!


d - August 16

Hi T-rex - I had a similiar situation end of July.. I was 12 days late... many many symptoms and kept getting negative's. I actually ended up getting af at 12 days late, but I have heard that some women just take longer for the pregancy hormone to show up. How many days late are you? What did you dr. say? Are you scheduled for another blood test soon??? Good Luck.


Emily - August 18

I actually have not had a blood test but I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about 2 months I just got a positive hpt test on Sunday. Until sunday I had negative tests every week. Hope this helps


t-rex - August 19

hey d, im 19 days late. but something new has arrived, some brownish discharge, which has scared me to death because im not sure if its my period or implantation bleeding? i took another preg test today and still -, but usually if my period is late then i miss it for the month all together. about the blood test i had another one sccheduled but now im weary about going since i had that negative today. glad you finally got an answer, i either need a positiveor af. thanks.


t-rex - August 19

hey emily, so you had to wait 2 months before you got a +? well did you ever experience bleeding of any tpe in between time? thanks


J - August 19

Listen girls.. trust your body and insist to your Dr. that you know something is up...I have not had af since June 17 and I have had a positive blood test and 6 positive hpt but my hcg level went down and now I still have all the preg symptoms but my Dr. says I am no longer pregnant.. I know my body and there is something going on... hang in there and trust your instincts if af is really late.. and remember hpt's do not have false positives. They only have false negatives. Good luck to all.


shayla - August 19

u know what im going through the same thing right now///i had unprotected s_x about three weeks ago and im waiting for my period...i took two hpt--both negative and a blood test--negative...but i am peeing all the time... i have gas and sneezing and have a stuffy nose all the time but im not sick...when i get hungry..i can eat a horse and im still not my b___bs itch all the time...something is wrong///all we can really do is wait it out and not listen to everyone telling u that it is all in ur head///hang in there and keep me posted///ill do the same...good luck


t-rex - August 20

hey girlies, im back to say that im still confused eventhough i am having this bleeding goin gon, because again i am 20 days late and i look 4 months pregnant which wouldnt be right anyways but alot of that could be bloating, but im not sure if implantation bleeding would occur 20 days late so? and i hear though that if you are just experiencing imp. bleeding then your hcg levels are low. any answers on that? also i wan to say thianks for yalls help and j you are righ we should stand up and say something is wrong, but i have twice and i jus twish my doc would do an ultra sound. i just feel like something is different. the bleeding ive been expereincing has gotten brighter. well let me know if soemone has anymore advice. thanks to all..


Emily - August 20

Hey t-rex I had some bleeding. I had 2 days of really lighting bleeding about the time my period would have been a month ago and 2 other days I had brownish discharge like you were talking about.



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