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Mother of Two - January 24

My last period was Dec 17/04. Had s_x twice unprotected. I haven't got my period yet, can't eat 'cause of nausea, not sleeping well, moody, yellowish discarge, but two negative pregnancy tests one this week one last. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. My last two pregnancies showed positive the day after my period was due. What's going on??


Jordan - January 24

Hi Mother of Two, I am in the same boat as you. My last period was Dec. 17 as well and I also had unprotected s_x twice. I have taken 4 pt and all were neg. My cm has changed from a white to a darker pinkish color. I have just a few pregnancy signs but what I understand it could be pms. I was told they were the same. It's nice to know that I not alone in this waiting game!! Good Luck at the Doc's tomorrow.


Mother of Two? - January 25

Went to the dr. Another negative test. but took a blood test, will get results on thursday? Still waiting.....


Jordan - January 26

I wish you the best!! Hopefully the test will come back positive. My af came today. My husband and I will keep trying! Good Luck!!


Cutie - January 26

I also had a neg. test at PP and they told me that it may be too early to show. Need to wait at least 10-12 days. I know some people who were already showing and the tests were still neg... Keep hoping, just like me :)


Mother of Two? - January 26

Thank you for all your in put. I spoke to my mother and she didn't show a positive test until she was almost 5 months preg. I'm hoping this is what is up. Still hoping for three!!!


Mother of Two? - January 27

Got the results from the doc. Still negative, still have all the symptoms but no conformation. I feel all the same symptoms as the last two. I'll keep my hopes up for # 3!! Good luck Jordan & Cutie. Thanks for the support and keep us posted!


andi - January 27

I didn't show positive on hpt until last fri. and I'm 8 wks. preggers! So those can and will show false negatives. But as for the blood test, I don't think it would be negative if you were, but I'm not sure. Good Luck EDD 9/7/05


Mother of Two - January 28

I guess I just wanted it too badly. I got my period last night. Spoke to the doctor again yesterday, she said it could have been stress that caused the delay, and the nausea from the cold that I have. The rest was just PMS (and wishful thinking). Oh well, it wasn't meant to be, this time!!


Jordan - January 29

Sorry to hear about af coming!! I wish you the best!!


Ashley - January 31

My last Normal period was Nov 19-23ish... The last time I had s_x was Dec 5th....But I have had every symptoms- EVERY!!! But I have had a heavy one day then lighter the other days period Dec 13th for about 3days...Then spotted for 3 and 1/2 days (didnt even fill one pad the whole time) five days before i was suppose to get my period Jan5th supposed to...Then Jan 20th spotty bleed then Jan21st heavy for like 3days and Bad cramps and then spotted a day....I would normally just think that all of that was just periods but all the symptoms is too much...Some times i think i just image it but then i noticed blue veins on my b___bs (which are bigger) and the sides of my stomach have veins and two days ago I woke up with my ankles swollen with blue veins on them - all of which was never there! I have tested with 5 hpts all negative! I'm nauseas, ga__sy, sick, diarreah, bigger chest, mood swings, cry easily, Peeing Alot, veins, cant fall asleep but when i do i can sleep for days and still be tired, hungry every hour even after just eating a big meal, milky color discharge, little white bumps on my nipples, early dec. had horrible headaches, colds- running nose then and now, Dizzy and dehydrated. I've had every symptom- I dont think i can jus image some, but some days i look pregnant some i dont! With my first pregnancy I didnt have hardly any symptoms - except just a heavy period, bigger chest and diarreah which kept me loosing weight before i gained..With the neg. hpts and bleeding it keeps me from calling my doctor, but why else would i have these symptoms- exspecially these veins they are what makes me really think i am! Help! Are there any symptoms that you just cant image or just cant occur for no reason...Is there something else that can be wrong with me that makes you have all these symptoms?? Help appreciated!!


QLeO - January 31

Ashley, my mum said, one of the common signs of pregnancy is very visible veins around the b___sts. HTPs can give false negatives. I'd make an appointment with the doc if I were you. Best of luck!!



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