Nervous Feeling

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TL - April 16

Hey ladies!! Are any of you or have any of you felt like a nervous type of feeling in your stomach (along with a few other mild symptoms) and also it's like I can feel/hear or at least noticing my heart beating. Like it's beating harder? I've haven't read this symptom in these posts before. I know this is weird, but what do you think?


Melissa S. - April 16

I know exactly what you are talking about. It does sound weird, but not uncommon. I had it happen to me few times and I thought it was really wierd too. I'm 5 1/2 wks pregnant now and I first noticed that about a wk ago. Are you or do you think you might be preg.? I'm not certain if its a sign of pregnancy, but just so you know, you aren't alone.


TL - April 16

I don't know if I am preggo yet. I'm waiting for the 18th for af htan I will test. My last af (on schedule) were very light anly used like 3 pads never full only 2 and 1/2 days. I tested a few days ago it was neg. I've posted my symptoms before but here they are "very mild ga__sy feeling cramps that just feel like it's always there. When I get up and just stand there for a bit it seems to intensify but not so much so that it hurts but I can always feel something. I've been feeling this for about 1 week and three days along with lower back pain. I've caught myself trying to strech out my lower back pain. I also noticed 2 days ago that I have like little bumps around my nipple and these seem to continue all around my areola area. Had never noticed this before. Also noticed a few spots on my b___st that seem to have veins that kind of look like spider veins but I don't alot of those. My b___st are not sore though." Thanks for responding. Congrats also:)


Dawn - April 16

Oh my, so this could be a sign! I've had it, too, and my AF is due tomorrow....hmmmm, thanks for the rea__surance, Melissa. You're giving us hope!


B - April 18



aria - April 18

hi!Im new here....but I am waiting to test myself...I have had that b___terfly feeling a few times..and I have been PG those times..very early on Im talking about-hopefully b___terflies is a good sign!Good luck! xoxo


TL - April 18

Aria, so how many times have you been preggo? You said you got that b___terfly feeling a few times and that you were preggo those times. When is your af due?



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