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me - September 16

my husband never come during the s_x does it mean i can never get pregnant?


to me - September 16

only in your dream


aish - September 16

talk to ur gynec&urologist ASAP


another question - September 17

here another question ; what about if man doesnt come but few sperm come lose coul di get preganat with that ?


to me - September 17

it is time for you to go to the are definatly only takes one sperm, and lucky you, you had a winner! enjoy your new baby! we all wish you the best of luck, and congrats!!!!!!!!!! seriously, i dont think that you should be concerned, if he didnt c_m, you probably dont have anything to worry about!


me - September 17

do you mean that or was it a joke ?


lily - September 17

Are u trying to conceive? Tell u this much, just because he doesn't cm in u at that moment, there is what u call prec_m, that comes before he cm and u r more likely to get preg with it. Hope I helped. If u r ttc, and doesn't cm, u need to start asking some serious questions as to why he doesn't, that's why I asked u if u r ttc.


to me - September 17

I think she is being facetious. Your questions sounds a little naive. If you don't want to get pregnat than you should ask your doctor about your birth control options. As to a few sperm, yea, anything is possible, that is why you protect YOU and not count his spearm getting there or not!


me - September 17

lily yes we are trying few monts but seems im not s_xi enough or somthing he never cm so i was afraid am i ever gone be pregnant im 3 days late and didnt want to have too much hope!


.... - September 17

my question was not joke or somthing i really dont have information about this thing otherwise i wouldnt ask ! i dont pill i need wild s_x and a baby ! LOL


to me - September 17

I don't get it, if you guys are trying, why doesn't he come in you?? sounds like you have romance and communication issues with your husband not fertility issues! Just being honest, a man that pulls out doesn't want to get you pregnant! I hope that is not the case.......... wish you lots of baby dust.


me - September 17

i guess i didnt say this he doesnt have orgasm i guess after 8 years beeing married always same way of makin love is toooo borring for him he is not just a guy who wants to have s_x alot! but anyway tanks for your advice


to me - September 17

have you tried talking to him about this after 8 years you should know each other and should be able to tell each other what you both like in the bedroom department to spice things up.has he said he would like a baby ,have you already got children? if not i think you need to sit down and have a serious convo about all of also sounds like he is holding all the cards in this.good luck to you .


lily - September 17

I don't understand why he can't cm, has he ever been able to cm? You need to find out if he truely wants a baby, that could be one reason he can't cm or won't. The other reason could just be not being able to really get him aroused. You may have have to do some of the stuff u see on the videos. The last reason, which u should consider LAST LAST LAST, is there someone else. I say this because I asked my husband what would make a man not be able to cm with his wife ( hope u didn't mind) he told me, either he doesn't want a baby, he has someone else, or he's not in to it, or he is gay. I know the last thing any woman wants to think about is the possiblity, but the truth is people can make mistakes. Again, do not even consider that he could be cheating, but u do need to ask it good to u ( sorry to be blunt), obviously there is a problem some where. Find out what its going to take to turn him on. Some men like spanking, some men like role play, some men like to be dominated, u need to research him, he may not come straight out and tell u for fear u may not like it or think he is a freak, so tell him u r willing to try what he likes and if he doesn't open up, be a freak in the bedroom and throw the romantic in the closet for a while. Also, if u don't do this, u should.... take him to the s_x shop with u, my husband and I go together all the time, they have alot of toys and stuff to add pleasure to the bedroom. Hope I helped. Keep ur head up, u r not the only woman in this world that have those sort of issues, and the first step in being s_xy is.... KNOWING U R s_xY, without his approval, its the att_tude. It'll be ok, u'll see.


me - September 18

hi lilly tanks for your kind words , you know first 2 years was ok then s_x went down ( had lots of problem with job and family)and was bad so i stoped it and as bad person iam i start having afair and i got lots of love and love making that 4got my husband and he never said somthing cus s_x was never important to him til i stoped seeing other guy cus i wanted my husband i love im so we went to see s_x specialist in between we didnt have s_x for 2 years and doctor found out that he has problem back when he ws child with mother is been a year we r trying to sort things out is not easy but when iam with him im so happy that s_x doesnt matter anymore , maybe you are right about s_x shop i will take him there once even if we don buy somthin we can have fun !and im 4 days late so imhopin that we got our baby but dont have too much hope cus i knew he didnt come ! thanks again for your respond and lots of luck to you and your husband .


lily - September 18

U r welcome, I know it gets hard sometimes u just have to focus on what's imp, that's the love between u two. All other things will fall into place. Have u tested yet? If not, u should. Don't be so down on urself, we all make mistakes, now u need to focus on ur husband. It sounds like he is going thru alot. Men tend to keep it all bottled up inside. He just needs to realize that he is the only one that can get pa__s his past. When he makes it up in his mind that he won't let it control his life anymore, he will feel better and in turn ur relationship will become even better. The problems of this world are designed to keep us down, we just have to learn to wipe the dust off and keep moving forward. Things will workout as long u both keep trying.



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