Never Been Pregnant Before And Affraid I Am Now

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brandy - January 12

i'm on birth control but the month of december i decided to stop taking the pill cuz it caused me to bleed during intercourse. my boyfriend and i didnt use a condom when i stopped takin the pill. i am about two weeks late for my period and for the past three to four weeks i have been feeling weird. i have been gettin heat flashes in the morning and afternoon, i feel nasuas mainly drivin in a car or in the late afternoon to evening. though i have not thrown up. i am constantly tired. usually i come home from class at two thirty and eat. around four i fall asleep and dont wake up til about eleven. at eleven i wake up and i'm up for a few hours then usually at two or three am i go back to sleep and dont wake up til seven am when i have to get up for class. i am constantly hungry and sometimes get cramps, almost like pre menstral cramps but no period. i have never been pregnant before though i have thought i was. but every time i took a hpt before it always came back negative. i have yet to take a hpt now but i am just affriad taht it will be another false alarm. what do u think i should do? do u think i am and should take a hpt or do u think its just all in my head? please help


$weetne$$ - January 12

brandy u are presenting alot of pregnancy signs and being late on ur period by 2 weeks is also a good sign as well, take a home pregnancy test and see what it says...good luck whatever your hoping for ;o)


B - January 12

im in the same fricken sucks. i didnt want to take a hpt for the same reason as you...another false alarm..but i decided that im going to worry until i do. so i think im getting one tonight. i think thats the best thing for you to do also :-) (take a hpt i mean)..good luck!


crazy - January 12

going off the pill in dec. could have screwed your cycle up and i know when i went off the pill i had alot of the symptoms and was not pregnant. it took a good 4 months to get back on a regular cycle and about 6 months to conceive. you should go to a doctor to make sure.



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