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c - May 11

when does your body know ? or when the egg implants in the uterus?


c - May 11

i don't know why the question was cut. here it is again, sorry not my doing. ... when does your body know your pregnant. when the sperm meets the egg? or when the egg implants in the uterus?


. - May 11

i think its when the egg implants


Mary - May 11

This question has been asked so many times and in so different ways in the 2 years I have been writing here, it is a very popular one! The body knows only when the egg gets implanted, not before. The egg gets implanted only if it is fertilized, and depending how soon it was fertilized it may take a little longer for the egg to reach the uterus. it takes just a couple of days for the egg to travel thru the falopian tube into the uterus and find a nice niche! Is this taught in school at all? I am not American, and I learned this on a biology cla__s in school, it was facinating!


prete - May 11

I think many women must have been sleeping through biology or s_xual-education cla__s! And to add to Mary's post, if the egg implants successfully in the uterus, it takes several days after that for the body to produce enough HCG (the hormone that makes you "feel" pregnant) to show up in your blood and urine. Hence, the answer to another often asked question, "How soon do you have 'symptoms' of pregnancy"--which is several days after the egg implants. In some pregnancies, this happens in just a few days, but most take about 7-10 days from fertilization to implantation. So, you really would not have 'symptoms' until right before your period is due, or until you are late.


Grandpa Viv - May 11

The conventional wisdom is that the body cannot know that the egg has been fertilized until implantation starts, and that implantation is 7-10 days post conception. There have been so many posts from women experiencing early signs 4 and 5 days after O that there must be exceptions to these generalizations. The hormone that causes many of the early signs of pregnancy is progesterone. It is present in the cycle in lower quant_ties even if there is no pregnancy, and starts to rise early if implantation occurs. The hCG hormone starts to rise later than the progesterone. We have had examples of women with hCG of 2 mIU/ml a week after early signs start, and they are nevertheless pregnant.



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