New Baby POOPS

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amy - November 24

This is the new thread for all the cool people. Post your stories here, hopefully no one will find us again.


Carrie - November 24

great thinking Amy. We are cool aren't we? nobody will ever find us now! lol!


Please stop - November 24

Wow! People why do we have to be so mean?? Do you really have nothing better to do than ruin people's support networks?? Nobody said you have to agree with what goes on here...but do you need to behave so poorly?


mel - November 24

How long have you been ttc?


CLynn - November 24

I'm back!!!! I see we have some imposters! How immature and childish can a person be that they have to act like that on a board like this? Do they have nothing else to do with their time? Anyway, since it's Thanksgiving today and it looks like a ghost thread today I'll wait until tomorrow to post all about the past few days and why I've been away..oh wait, I'll be at my aunt's tomorrow..well, hopefully I can find time to drop in. (Just so all the original Baby POOPS know, this is the original Carrie, I saw there was a new Carrie (on a past thread) and a possible impostor Carrie(on this thread) so it was a name change for me. Welcome to all the newbies; Flacie, Crystal, Lillian, Bek, Allie, Grace, Carol, Michelle and Gloria. If I missed anyone I am trully sorry!!


DJ - November 24

It's a shame what's happened to your thread... try to keep it going it's great even from your silent supporters. My advice don't even acknowledge there presence


origional baby poop member - November 24

BULL SH1T This is not a baby poops member. We know amy doesn't post with us any more and she wouldn't submit to this c___p. she is a little more mature than that....but nice try.


me - November 24

CLYNN-don't bother this is just some one mocking not even going to dignify this thread by putting my real name....i'll see you at the other site Carrie.


to "amy" and "carrie" - November 24

from the REAL baby poops--nice try--why don't u stop impersonating baby poops women? are u that obsessed with us?! don't u have anything better to do? again being imposters or our paparazzis u both are definately obsessed with our thread--if you don't like it--we don't care just take a hike!! this site is for support and help--not for immature freaks like u guys!! come on be mature and a lady who has confidence in herself--to post AS HERSELF!! give it up!


Baby POOPS Member - November 24

I agree...i hope that our original members stick around through this disaster. Like the other member, I am not going to put my actual name either. I could not say anything that is not already said by to "amy" and "carrie"... i agree 100% with that person.


Baby Poops Member - November 24

well, got to see dh tonight. I was so in love. We ate dinner together and gazed into each others eyes. It was so romantic. Hope you all had a great day. We will get out group back...don't worry.



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