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Shelly - April 10

Hi all, has anyone had the same experience as me. I'm 3 days late, have very sore br___ts, had light pinkish colour when i wiped on the day i was due to get my periods, heartburn nearly everyday for the past 2 weeks no matter what i eat. I did a pregnancy test yestday but it came up negative. when should i test again.


AmyF - April 10

which test did you use?


Melissa - April 10

From what I have read, your body doubles its HCG levels every two days, so if you tested today, wait at least 2 days before trying again.


shelly - April 10

I think the test i used was called one-step, but not quite sure, i'll probably buy a different brand and test again in a couple of days.


To Shelly - April 10

Get an early one they are more sensitive


Neiky - April 10

Hi Ladies, I have a situation that I'd like to share with you. I've posted recently under the t_tle ..."Could I be Pregnant?" but didn't get much of a response, so I would like to hear from you. I'll just copy and paste. Please help me in your most honest and mature advise or opinion and I would gladly appreciate. Thanks ladies! Here goes.... Question: Lately I have been feeling tired and sleepy constantly! I've alsowent through what is called implantaion bleeding. Frequently going back and forth to the bathroom to urinate. Increase in appeite. I've taken 3 hpt and have gone to my obgyn and all four test were negative! Even my husband is suddenly tired and restless. I've suddenly gained weight. My stomach BLEW UP all of a sudden! And sometime I feel movement..mostly 1 side(left)rarely other places. I am usually happy and cheerful, but lately very moody. It's even hard to lay on my stomach now. My periods have been irregular for years now(9) so I can't go by it. And I really just feel like it...but my b___sts aren't tinder. Although I do feel like something is pressing/sitting on my bladder. I've had a baby b4(she past..2mths and a half old...hole in her heart), but it was nothing at all like this!..So please somebody...anybody..please help a sister out. Just when I decided to loose weight....HELP!


Neiky - April 10

Name: Neiky | Date: April 10, 2005, 3:59 Answer: Also..I forgot to stomach itches now and i find myself stratching it. It's like the skin on my stomach itches and it's so weird, because it's the kinda itch as if the skin is being stretched and causes an itch. well just let me know what you think or some advice that you think maybe helpful to my situation.


Neiky - April 10

Name: Neiky | Date: April 10, 2005, 15:13 Answer: It's been going on for about 3weeks are so. But just as you said, I feel the same way that maybe it's to early and that I should wait a lil longer. my last visit was thursday of last week. She said that the test were neg and that it could probably be my thyroids(I definately hope not!) and that if the results of my thyroid test is neg, then she'll have me to come back in and give me an ultra sound. So how do I determine.Though the test was neg, she still wants me to come in and be given a ultrasound if it's not my thyroids. And in the mist of all that Grandpa Viv, she gave me some pills that will help my period to come on(because that are soo 3 months straight it doesn't come on..then it comes on for 1 month, then I skip another 2 months, then it comes back on for a month...then again skip 3 months...well you get the pic) she gave me those pills along with some birth control pills and told me that as soon as I my period comes on to imediately start taking my birth control pills. but what if I am pregnant? Girl , I dunno what to do! What do you think?


To Neiky - April 10

Maybe go to another dr for a second opinion. did you do a blood test or just urine tests.


Neiky - April 10

Well, they drew blood, but not sure if theyused it to determine pregnancy or not. Ido know that they used my urine to determine. It's crazy...the syptoms. I dunno.


To Neiky - April 10

Ask them to test on the blood, the symptoms sound like you may be pregnant. I have symptoms too, I'm 3 days late, waiting for a couple of days to test again. Fingers crossed for both of us.


Jena - April 10

Shelly, test again in a couple days and then again in a week if you get anbother negative nad no period. It took me a while to get a positive because my hormone levels took longer to build up. Neiky, I'd definitely ask for a blood test - that will tell you exactly what is going on - get a quant_tatve blood test so they can tell your your exact number of hCG in your body. GL!



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