New Here And Got A BFP This AM

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wendy - March 13

Hi ya’ll. I’m new here and just found out this morning that I’m pregnant. I will make this short to not bore you. I’m 28 my bf is 30 and we live together in my home. Well my problem is that the last week and especially today (since I found out) I’ve been having these feelings… like ugh do I even want to be with him!?! It just seems the past week or two everything he does annoys me! He really is a great guy and would do anything for me so why am I being like this? Please tell me it’s just my hormones going crazy and me freaking out because of what I just found out. I haven’t told him yet but I know he will be so excited. Has anyone had this happen or am I crazy? (sorry if this is the wrong section... but ya'll seem to know tons! )


Martha31 - March 13

wendy...when I got prengant with my first one (currently trying ofr hte sec one), I got really scared...I was doubting everything and everyone...whether or not I will be a good mom. whether or not my marriage would survive this change...I was very scared of all the changes to follow...but I also knew that there were two of us to make things work ! And here you are telling us that you have this great guy who loves you and will be so happy to hear about the news!!!:) Be happy and enjoy!!! Please read the thread about "The Secret" and watch this movie/doc_mentary with your DH. Good luck to both of you and huge CONGRATS!!! Just think about how lucky you are: great guy, good home, precious baby on the way. Many women are praying for what you already have:)


2ndtimeround - March 13

Girl blame it on the hormones!!! Congrats on your BFP!! How are you planning on telling him??


wendy - March 13

Martha31- Thank you so much! That really, really I'm crying! (long road this will be ha) Sometimes it takes someone to lay it out for you to see it and thank you for doing that!! I will tell him tonight, I'm not good with hiding things so I'm just trying to get through this day at work without calling him and telling him. :)


HeavenisMine - March 13

Ahh I was the same way when I was pregnant. I have to most incredible man who bends over backwards for me, and I was acting like a real witch toward him, it was like he annoyed me, but he didn't do anything! Blame it on the hormones! Congratulations too, I hope these next nine months or so are wonderful!


Martha31 - March 13

wendy- Ia m really happy for you...and you know, I was so emotional at the very begining of the pregnancy that I was crying at everything:) Just stay positive and be happy!!:)) And pa__s by here if you need to talk!!:)


wendy - March 13

Thank you! I will and I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back on looking for you b/c I'm feaking out! Thank you again and good luck to you!!!


tbtemplet - March 13

congrats!! I am sure it is hormones... Enjoy the next 9 mos.


Harriet - March 13

Hi Wendy, welcome & congratulations! I got pregnant and became the biggest b*tch to my husband, I didn't have any doubt about wanting to be pregnant nor any doubt about my dh & i just couldn't explain why i was such a horror so i think it's best put down to hormones. Iit turned out to be a chemical preg but at least we're a bit more prepared for when it happens next time! It is also perfectly normal to react this way to someone who has got you 'in the family way', as it is a huge change not just to yourself but to the whole dynamic of the relationship & you are now tied to him for life when perhaps the impact of that hadn't hit you before? Anyway, I'm sure that over time you will recognise your true feelings, in the meantime ride the rollercoaster of emotions & enjoy yourself. Good luck. H



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