New Person And Wanting Waiting Buddies

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Nissa - November 4

Go for DP!!!!! BUT, don't be disappointed if it is negative...if it is, it doesn't really necessary mean you AREN'T pregnant, so wait another week and take another!! I couldn't hurt! GOOD LUCK and BABY DUST!!!!! Keep us posted!!


Bubble - November 4

Hi Holly, Im in the same boat as you. Im in my 3rd month of trying to conceive & am waiting for no AF on Tuesday 8th! Im 12dpo & started spotting pink yesterday. I dont usually spot this early & Ive had unusually sore b___bs since day 19 (4dpo). I had a BFN today but I wasnt surprised. I think its too early to test & am trying to stay hopeful!! I´ve had some irregular cycles in the past 6 months, so who knows....!!!!! Good luck to all you ladies out there x


Me2 - November 4

Good morning ladies. It is not looking good for me at all. I am having slight cramps in the lower left side of my back today (sigh). Today is CD 21. If this is the month for a 23 day cycle, then af will be coming by Monday. If it is my 26 day cycle then af won't be here until Thursday, either way, I usually begin mild cramping a few days before and it intensifies as the visit approaches. So it is either af or I am getting a UTI. I'll still be checking in on some of you all success stories even if she does stop by for a visit. I've been disappointed enough to pinpoint my pms and when it occurs. Have any of you ladies experienced any more possible pregnancy symptoms? I think some of you will start testing this weekend--am I correct?


DP - November 4

I didn't test last night but did test this morning BFN - :-( I just started cramping across my lower back this morning too. The strange thing is I still feel nausiated, sensitive to smell and bloated. I have been on clomid too could I just be having symptoms from that or am I just testing too soon? AF is due on the 7th, any advice?


DP - November 4

I just sterted to spot so I guess my unwanted guest has arived, and a bit early too, good luck to the rest of you!


Me2 - November 7

Good Morning Ladies! Dang, it has been extremely quiet around here. Anyone have any bfp's to report. DP, I'm in the same boat, af came right on schedule today (sigh) minus the intense cramps though (yipee), so I'm out of the race for this month. Best wishes to the rest of you ladies.


Holly - November 7

Hey Me2 and everyone else! I'm hoping for BFPs for everyone. I started a new thread since this one is gettting long called Waiting buddies, over here..Almost testing time..from Holly. ~Baby Dust to Everyone!~



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