New Thead A Wk To Af

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charmaine - July 20

hi gals, we r getting longer & longer (hope not for the same waitin for our BFPs!) so I thot let's start a new thread & let's knit it & rock & roll again! it's my 47th day & like Tig, i m not eagered to buy a p.test in case af comes anytime. Tig, i hv been like u testing & then af came few days later wasting so much of my $$$ w costs me abt US$11 in my ctry. i hv been ttc for 10mths so mayb u gals know wat i feel though SO MUCH i wan a babe! not much of a symptoms w i hope is good symptoms. gd news is tat the gum/teeth pain subsided. anyone tested tis morning w any good news??? *********************baby dust*********************


Tig - July 21

I was just wondering Charmaine, what day are you going to test. I'll do it July 26 (cd41). I was so nauseaus this evening. I was cooking dinner and felt like c___p, off and on-but it quickly subsided. I'm getting pretty noticable cramps off and on, and white discharge.(not yeast infection) Now I am so tired, my eyes are so heavy. My b___sts are getting more tender. I'm going to stay strong and wait. I've been so convinced before and I'd rather share good news than bad. :)


rach - July 21

i tested this morning bfn but im not due til 27th so hoping it il change been having ome mood swings and i very light dull ache but nothin inportant that wud suggest im pregnant just pmt more like lol babydust


charmaine - July 21

Tig, I m not sure. kind of tellin myself tat cant be ... mayb i m afraid of the fact to see a -ve sign there so every day still hopin to see af appears (though not!) .. ok, mayb i will try ovr tis wkend. keep my fingers cross!


b - July 21

bump-ladies on (af in a week) original thread-please join-and new others as well


Tig - July 21

Same symptoms-I took an online PG test just to quench that desire and I had a 67% chance. The one on this site said I better get my b___t to the doctor and take a test. I'm still going to wait until at least after CD36 (my longest cycle off the pill) and then I'll do it. baby dust!!


blondie - July 21

I too am due somewhere around the 23rd not sure of the exact date though as my cycle was messed up last month. I however am also experiencing the enlarged, tender bbs even see blue veins in them, I tested yesterday at 12 dpo but it was BFN, had thought this might be my month as I dont get tender bbs before af, but I guess I was wrong.


kara - July 21

Where was the online pregnancy test. I would like to try it too. Thanks.


Tig - July 22

Kara- the one I did was through have to find the parenting link, and go from there. Or a more easy way is to Google it. Have fun.


Bella - July 22

Hi ladies. U had me worried for a bit - i didn't find the new thread at first! AF came today. and to add insult to injury she was a day early. I'm trying not to feel too disappointed. Only 2nd month ttc. Must try not to read too much into various signs and symptoms next month. Yeah right-like thats going to happen!! OK - I hold my hands up. I'm gutted. But at least theres another month of manic baby dancing 2 look forward to. hope everyone is ok and holding on to their sanity. baby dust to alland good luck for those BFP's.If anyone is up for the waiting game next month i'll be here. xxxx



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