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Tracey - October 12

Hi i'm new to this site and it seems like alot of people on her know what they're talking about so I was wondering if someone could help me please. I am due for my a/f tomorrow and usually i get cramps which is my signal to go to the toilet and a/f is normally there. This month, i have had cramping for 3 days on and off but the same sort of cramping i get with a/f. I am also very wet down there (sorry tmi) but i can't ever recall being this wet before a/f - its more like water than mucus though. My br___ts have been sore on and off and also i have large blue veins in them now. Has anyone ever had these symptoms and got a BFP. I tested early today - BFN. Do you think i could be pregnant still and tested too early. I think I am approximately 12 dpo of a usually 28 day cycle. Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.


Laura - October 12

Tracey, It could go either way. Everyone's body reacts different. The symptoms sound positive. Good luck.


Becca - October 12

I agree. Your symptoms sound good, but unfortunately they also sound like pretty common AF symptoms too. You still may have tested too early. Many women don't get BFPs until after AF is supposed is due, so don't give up hope until the witch shows up! Good luck to you!. I would say that if AF doesn't show, test again in a few days.


Tracey - October 12

Thanks Lauran and Becca for your opinions it was greatly appreciated. I am hoping so much that af doesn't show her ugly face. I don't usually get veins like this in my b___st though and usually i only cramp on the day of a/f and for a few days after, so i'm trying to think positive but like you say, everyones body i different and they do sound so much like af symptoms. Good luck to you both and baby dust to you too.


d - October 12

Hi I got those veins showing out of nowhere too. I have never seen them before. My hubby has even said that he has never noticed them.. so I also am hoping along with you that af doesn't show her face for either of us. I have other symptoms too.


Tracey - October 12

Hi D. Thanks for replying. What other symptoms are you having?


krish - October 12

when u had ur last period, even i am having af pain &watery cm but no blue veins. i am 7 dpo


d - October 12

felt sick yesterday. every night I am waking up about 4am to go pee, The veins that are showing (they never showed before). moody. my husband said instead of 10 mood swings a day around pms time. it is 20 mood swings. Last thurs, fri, sat, my abdomen felt like it was getting firmer, It felt slightly heavier, My b___bs do not hurt, but then again I haven't worn a bra in a few days. i had mild cramping last week for short moments and then pinching on saturday. and now today alittle bit of cramping.. And my temp has been up alittle. and af is not due until sun-16


Kim - October 12

I am also due on sunday the 16. Are you going to wait until after af is due to test? I think I am going to...


d - October 12

i actually took one alittle while ago and got a BFN--. i knew i should have waited so i am now wondering if it is just a bit to early for me. of course if i don't get the curse on the 16th i will take another one.


Dia - October 12

Hi Tracey, I got my BFP 2 days ago (yipee!) I felt like AF was knocking down my door. I was positive I was going to start. BUT - I was very wet, like you - so I also tested at 12 dpo then I was sure I was about to start. Then the day I was supposed to start, no the next day I used a dollar store test and it was BFP!!! i was 15 dpo at that time, the line was kind of light, but definitely there. Hope this helps!!! Good luck!!!


Tracey - October 13

Congratulations Dia and thanks for replying. I hope everything goes ok in your pregnancy and that you sprinkle loads of baby dust my way. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I am hoping so much. I have still been cramping and my af is due today, it does usually come on time or maybe just a day late but not usually more than that so if it's not here by Friday i will test but i just dont want it to be another BFP.


Dia - October 13

Hi Tracey, I wish you the best of luck! Try very hard to not test for at least one more day - when I was still actively trying to get pregnant I would test from 10 dpo all the way up to af...using the dollar store tests! I was obsessed - then DH and I figured we would stop trying and what ever happens, will happen. The very first month I got pregnant - I think I was just too obsessed with it...just try to relax! Keep me updated!! (By the way...I sent a stork to your door with four boxes of baby dust!!)


Tracey - October 13

Hi Dia, thanks again for your message but i received it a little too late! I went and bought another test at lunch and ive done it and there was a faint faint line - i'm so thrilled but don't know whether it could be an evaporation line. I did read it before 5 minutes though, so hopefully, fingers crossed and all that baby dust you sent to me will have worked. I will keep you updated x



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