Newly Off Bc Pill

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Sal - June 20

I have been off the pill for one month now after being on it for 10 years. My husband and I want to wait a few more months until we start trying so we are using condoms. About one week ago I started having really mild cramps which have continued. I do not know what my cycle will be like now after having been on the pill for so long but on the pill I would only get cramps the day before or day of the start of my period. We could definitely have had s_x on an my ovulation day but I am thinking there could be no way we got pregnant using a condom if it did not break, right? I would love to hear about some of your experiences getting off the pill...thanks


Linda - June 20

Hi Sal, I too am somewhat newly off the pill. I went off in Jan 2005 for medical reasons, then I went back on from April-May. DH and I decided to start ttc in June, so I went back off the pill in mid May. My cycle went right back to normal! It didn't skip a beat! I am unsure how the extra month of the pill would have affected me, but I suppose I will find out! Good luck to you!


bean - June 20

I went off bc this past Jan after being on for nearly 10 years as well. My dct also advised that we use condoms for a few months at least (we did for about a month). My first month off (Feb) was totally fine with a totally normal on time period. My next month (March) was terrible - I was horribly ill. Cramps all the time, fatigue, basically I found this board because I had no idea what was wrong with me and all my symptoms added up to pg symtoms. After I got my period I realized that it was probably just the drugs leaving my system and me getting used to a "drug free" environment after 10 years! Every woman is different, but your cramping could be just due to the after-effects of the pill. Good Luck!


sal - June 21

thanks for the responses ladies! I did end up starting my period yesterday right on time-we'll see how the 2nd month goes...


viv - June 21

Hi sal...I went off the pill in May...I started getting dull cramps midway through my first cycle off the pill, and they lasted til I got af(31 day cycle that month) and I had bad cramps all through af and it was heavy, and my b___bs hurt and I was SO sick to my stomach that whole cycle...then my next cycle was only 25 days, and I never got a single cramp and only had to use tampons 1 day! I'm on my third cycle now, and so far no cramping this time either. I'm due to start anywhere from July 2nd to the 8th, so I guess we'll see what my cycle is like this month! Oh, and I was on the pill for 6 years before going off. We haven't used any protection the whole time I've been off except the pull out method, and I haven't gotten pg...we aren't going to officially "try" yet, we're just letting things happen.


jenn - June 21

I have gotten off bc. It was Saesonale to be axact. I loved being on Seasonale, but coming off of it was hell!!! I would not recommend Seasonale to anyone after what I have been through. I was expecting my af around 16, but no sign of her yet. I have not had af since getting off bc. My dh and I never used any protection, so I guess I could be pregnant!?!



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