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Kerri - May 3

Hi, Hopefully I can help someone who has posted on here before. I found out yesterday that I am 5 weeks and 4 days along now and had my first ultrasound yesterday. It was so amazing to see that the baby was only the size of a sunflower seed and that the technician who did the ultrasound got a heartbeat. I was sent for the ultrasound because I have had strange periods since February and thought that I was further along than what I thought but turns out my last a/f was Mar 22 and I'm due either around Christmas or New Year's!! I've also been sick though with a chest/sinus infection and got an antibiotic from my doctor and checked before I took any medication which I'm glad that I waited since I suspected that I was pregnant before it was confirmed. I was feeling pretty good outside of the bug I had until this past weekend and now getting queasy with morning sickness. Haven't actually got sick yet but just that feeling like I will. I was told I could take gravol or plain Tylenol if necessary if I needed it which was good news to hear. The funny thing is that my hubby and I were just about to give up when I said oh well let's try one more time as I'm a bodybuilder who was going to decide to compete again but found out about a week ago that I was pregnant and so very happy that I'am. So now I've cut down on my training and eat well and will try to stay as fit as possible. The fun part will be telling our parents on Mother's Day as I decided to wait until then to tell them and I know they will be shocked and surprised and thought that the sentiment would be nice so it will be very exciting. The main thing that I realized is not to try so hard and it will happen! The only symptoms that was first noticed was my br___ts getting larger and my period being late and waited a week to get a urine test done which showed a faint positive and then confirmed by my doctor a week later. I send lots of baby dust to all TTC and will pray that you will also get the good news that I have been so fortunate to have!!


Kerri - May 3

Also before I forget I used a BBT Thermometer and to find out when I ovulated and conceive!


Liz - May 3

Congrats Kerri!!!! What an exciting Mother's Day your family will have : )


meghan - May 3

Kerri - CONGRATS! We have almost the same dr told me after my round of Clomid this month that it wasn't happening this month and I would have to go on Fertility shots. So I thought OH WELL and just went along with the month, looking forward to May when the shots would start. We have been TTC since last August. The drs office told me to call with my next period. My last period was March 25th, and with my erratic periods, I wasn't really sure when my period was coming. All of the sudden on Aprl 27th I realized I was 17 DPO. I took a test and it was positive! The dr confirmed it and my first ultrasound is tomorrow. I CAN"T WAIT! You give me so much to look forward to wtih hearing the babies heartbeat! I am actually waiting until june 12th to tell my parents ( I have sisters and friends who have all miscarried early after annoucing, so I have always planned to wait and wait until I was comfortable, just totally out of paranoia) and I will announce to family on June 25th at a party for my husband. Its going to be raelly hard to wait but more fun when we get to tell people! I have had some nausea, actually getting woosey right now and when I am in the car, my b___sts are sore and huge but other than that I am just tired! AND HAPPY! Good luck, let me know if you have anything else to share!


vanessa - May 3

Hi Kerri! You and I are due at the same time. My due date is between December 26th and January 1st. Crazy time of year, huh? Congratulations on your impending arrival!!!


Kerri - May 4

Hi Liz, Meghan and Vanessa, Thanks Liz for the congrats and Meghan I didn't really hear the baby's heartbeat but somehow through the tool that does the ultrasound can detect the heartbeat and hopefully I will be able to really hear the heartbeat on the next ultrasound. Its really kinda neat how I would describe as they send some kind of wave through the wand to detect the heartbeat so let me know how your ultrasound goes!!! Vanessa lets also keep in touch and its great that we are due the same time and can keep each other motivated! Right now morning sickness is the worst as now its been about 4 days straight from morning until I go to bed that I've been really queasy. Hopefully it will subside soon but I guess that means that everything is going O.K. and I agree its a crazy time of year to have a baby but it will be so much fun!!





Kerri - May 4

Hi Michelle, I have also had mild cramps more on the right side which is where the ultrasound showed the baby. If they get really severe then I would get to a doctor IMMEDIATELY because I would say that is not a good sign and something could be wrong. I know they say that from the first three months is a very vulnerable time for the baby since it is growing and the cramping is probably a__sociated with your womb stretching to accomodate the baby. I had an early ultrasound since I thought I was farther along then I thought but it showed that everything was right as my last period was Mar 22. If you have any uncertainty though, please call your doctor or if the cramping lasts a long time I would get medical attention for sure. Best of luck and keep us posted!


Hanna - May 4

Kerri and Michelle, Congratulations!!



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