Night Sweats Anyone

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April - November 4

Has anyone been experiencing sweating while sleeping or have been pregnant and experience this? It has only been happening for a few days now. One night I woke up drenched. The others seem to be lite so far. Please let me know, thanks!!!


hi - November 4

happens to me all the time .i am 8 weeks.good luck.


Di - November 4

I dont know if I am PG yet I o'd around the 28th and af not due until the 11th but I have had night sweats for the last three nights


yep - November 4

I just got my BFP this week and i have had the night sweats. And not very good sleep I might add. Tossing and turning and awake off and on all night.


April - November 4

Yep- me too....haven't been sleeping very well...I must wake up 3-4 times a night. We have had a sudden change in temperature here so I was thinking it could also be from that.


April - November 4

Oops! I forgot to add that I O'd sometime between the 23-28. So I am roughly 10-11 dpo. AF is due around the 9th of November.


C. - November 4

I had night sweats a lot with my first pregnancy. Even before I knew I was pregnant. I think it's all the hormone changes going on...Good luck..


maddie - November 5

I am having horrid night sweats and cannot sleep....I am 6 weeks


Rosely - November 5

Yes yes yes horrible im 6 weeks


TM - November 6

Yes! I am 8 weeks and have night sweats, and sometimes i am so hot that i have to get up and walk around just to cool off. I am usually a cold natured person.I also do not sleep well at night, I have a hard time getting comfortable (already!) and wake up a lot. Oh well, I can handle it, I know it's worth it!!!


me - November 6

I did with my 1st pregnancy. I would kick off all the covers and dh would freeze:)


April - November 7

Thanks everyone! Last night I wore a little less clothes to bed and still woke up with some sweating....It wasn't as bad as it had been. My husband noticed how sweaty I was on Saturday morning. It has been going on every night now for about a week. I thought some of it may have been due to a minor cold that I am now getting over (fever) but others don't seem to think so. Anyone else???


Aly - November 7

I am not sure if I am PG yet either and well, I've been getting hot flashes and cold flashes sweating at night and stuff too


Mommie_Wanna_Be! - November 8

I had my IUI incemination on Nov. 1st and 2nd ( twice). Ever since then I have been sweating at night, dry mouth, peeing a lot , and loss of appit_te. I have a mild cramp that is constant on my left side ( even though I ovulated on my right side). I feel nausea a lot of times, and very tired. It has just been a week, could I be pregnant?


K - November 8

I definatly feel you. I am 13 days late & for the last week I have hot flashes during the day & even worse at night.


Ame - November 8

Yes me too!! I didn't even a__sociate this with my pregnancy though (i'm 5.5 weeks now). I sweat at night, it's gross. And during the day even I find I'm just warmer all the time.


Brit - November 8

April, are you preg?



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