Nipple Discharge

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Debbie - September 13

Well, my question is can nipple discharge be a sign of pregnancy. I just had my period about two days ago, and it was not very normal. It started out very dark brown and for only one day I had very red blood with very intense cramps, then it went back to dark brown again. Well, just this evening I was taking a bath and decided to do a br___t exam, and when i pushed on both my br___t, a white discharge came out. Is this a possible early sign of pregnancy. Me and my husband are not using any form of birth control, but like I said I just had a period two days ago. HELP!


Viv - September 14

Nipple discharge is a sign of early pregnancy. Read Your abnormal period over the weekend was probably not a true period. It may even have been a little early? Look for additional signs this week such as frequent urination, tiredness, sore b___sts, bowel changes and nausea / food tastes. After a week of these symptoms you could take a home pregnancy test, being careful to follow the instructions to the letter, including first morning urine. A negative test does not guarantee you are not pregnant. A blood test may be needed instead. Lots of luck! Come back and let us know (they almost never do)


ebonee - September 14

OK...u could be pregnant...but u dont know for sure. when woman are stressed out, their periods sometimes go all topsy turvy, and it is sometimes normal to have discharge from your nipples. good luck. WRAP IT UP!!


Erin - September 14

Hey I am having the same thing- during my shower today I decided to squeeze them and sure enough. I'd be 11 weeks if i was. Negative tests though. Please read my post "BREASTS" under "GENERAL PREGNACY QUESTIONS" Debbie the "period" you had sounds exactly what I had when I was pregnant with my daughter, and it was really implantation bleeding. Have you taken a test?


Debbie - September 14

Thanks so much for the advice! Just to let you know that I went to the doctors today and they are doing a blood test to determine what is going on. Most likely it is pregnancy!! YEAH!


Erin - September 14

Good luck Debbie! Babydust to you, and keep us posted!


Debbie - September 15

I just wanted to give an update. I took a pregnancy test today and it came up negative, but I'm going to my ob/gyn tommarrow, so I will be able to know exactly what's going on. I'll let everyone know!!



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