Nipple Discharge Signs Of Pregnacy

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rubilips - May 17

I thought I was preg a month ago but then i got my period and put that to rest. But last weekend I was messing around with my boyfriend (no s_x, just oral) and my nipple started to leak. It happened again later that afternoon when i pinched it. At first I didnt think much of it but then my br___ts became sore and my nipples were sensative to touch. Now I also have heartburn constantly and I haven't been eating anything that would cause it. Last night I started getting cramps, like I was going to start my period but its not due for another 6 days and I am always on schedule. Any comments would be useful : ) Also I did have s_x during ovulation but he pulled out before closing the deal...


bump - May 18



Mary Ann - May 18

Hi rubilips. I would say if u have discharge then it is very possible you could be pregnant. My mother in-law said to me, her first sign of pregnancy was always nipple discharge. That is how she knew she was pregnant each time. Hope this helps.


Pattie H. - May 21

rubilips - Yeah. Good question. I have been trying since my M/C in Nov., I had very wet discharge last cycle before AF, it looked like I peed in my pants and was watery clear. This time, I have the road map veins, last four days I have had creamy white lotion like CM and I squeezed both of my nippled and clearish/white discharge came out. that has never happened before, MY husb. would know. lol. No cramping but some bad heartburn. only heartburn could be triggered by what we eat too. I am waiting to test on 5/26, I hoping I hit it this time. *** Baby Dust *** and prayers to you.


Deeanna Letourneau - July 4

Can you have a period/clotting a week after conception?


MEL - September 22

I havent had my period for the last 5 months.Ive always been irregular but i have never missed my period for that long. I did a preg test last month & it came out neg, do you have any clue what might be holding my period ?



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