Nipple Pain

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Smiley - March 3

Has anyone experienced nipple pain? It feels like it is getting pinched? And also the soreness comes and goes. All last night it was that constant feeling of nipple pain. I feel horrible sick today. Thanks gals.


bump - March 3



Smiley - March 3

Any information would be nice. :)


kim - March 3

When I was pregnant, sore b___bs and nipples were my first signs. Have you missed a period yet? My nipples didn't constantly hurt just very sore.


Lyla - March 3

my nipps hurt off and on also, they hurt even worse in the shower. do you know if your pregnant or not?


Smiley - March 3

My af is due on the 7th. I have one child already, but that was sooooo long ago, I really do not remember much. lol they feel wierd! Like they are sensitive and its hard to explain. I appreciate the input!!


del - March 4

I'm in the same boat. I gat tingles off and on, they were sore for a couple of weeks, and they are pretty much erected most of the time. If you find out anything let me know.


betty blue - March 5

Same here. I am officially 7 weeks late, but all my tests are negative (my HTPS) but my nipples feel the same way, like they are being pinched or something. I've never experienced this with my other pg's. I am so nervous and anxious, I cant stand it


lissy lou - March 5

what is lol?


Lyla - March 5

Laughing Out Loud (LOL)


asha - June 9

I have the same problem I have had sore nipples for the past week my period is late but the pregnancy test came up negative


TH - June 9

I also have had a lot of nipple soreness this month. But it lasted for about 10 days and then went....then, a BFN. I went to the obgyn this month and mentioned it to her (among other things) and she said, "could be af, could be you're pregnant...."


lynn2005 - June 9

What is BFN, and af


Becky - June 9

BFN = Big Fat Negative (on a pregnancy test), AF = Aunt Flow (your period)


to: lynn2005 from: lana - June 9

a BFN = big fat negative and AF= aunt flow (your period).. hope that helps.


Dee - June 9

I have sore b___sts period, as in 24/7. As well as an achy back all the time. So I know what you are going through.


jen - June 16

i have extreme pain in my left nipple what could that be caused from?



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