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Paula - March 23

Hey guys hope you are doing well. Well this is my 3rd time I have asked this so I hope someone knows the answer. I was supposed to get my period on the 13th but nothing happened. I had cramping on both sides and in the middle of my stomach, and my br___ts hurt real bad and so did my back. So far all the tests I have taken are neg. My last period was in Feb 11th. So I am hoping this is it, so can please someone help me. Thank you, Paula


layla - March 23

Are your b___sts still tender and do you still have any other symptoms? Lots of women don't test positive untill weeks into their pregnancy same with blood tests however they do seem to have a better success rate. Most docs would agree to give you a blood test at this time I would try if I were you. Have you always been regular? If so this is a strog PG sign. Even if you get a neg on blood test wait and see if your symptoms persist and try again. Good Luck!


Paula - March 23

Thank you layla for responding so quick it is so much appreciated! Just still alittle mild cramping and b___sts only hurt when I take my bra off so I just leave it on, and just alittle stuffed up. That's it (I think) Baby dust to you in truck loads************************ Love, Paula


Jena - March 23

I would definitely take a blood test - they are the best because they can tell you the level of hCG in your blood - ask for a quant_tative test, not qualitative. Good luck!


Saird - March 23

I also had cramping when AF was due. I thought it was coming. Never did. Back hurt too. That was around Mar 3 or so. Still waiting...


Paula - March 24

Thanks you guys for all of your support. I am so nervous. My husband is driving me crazy, he is getting way to excited (me too!) this will be our second, but with the first I didn't know I was pregnant till I was 2 1/2 months along, so that's why I don't really know all of the symptoms. My back is killing me this morning and I feel alittle nausea (like I wanted to gag alittle this am) So how long have u all been trying? Truck loads of Baby dust to you all*********************** Love, Paula


layla - March 24

The same with me Paula this would be our second I have a daughter who will be 2 next month but I was more along in my pregnancy when I found out so I don't know about these symptoms this early. I do know that my cm is gone now so I think my chances are slimmer now which I can handle because we did plan on my daughter being a little older before we tried for another but my hubby is pretty excited that I could be PG.


Paula - March 25

Well I am out. Miss little AF showed up yesturday at lunch time. DH is so disappointed. Well here we go again!! Good Luck to you all! Baby dust to you in truckloads*******************Love,Paula


layla - March 25

Sorry to hear it Paula, better luck next time :)



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