No AF By Nov 28th Anyone Want To Join Me

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Anna - November 15

Anyone want to wait with me till the end of november for no af?


Parul - November 17

Hi Anna, Thought I join in, as my AF is scheduled for the 29th.


Amy - November 18

Mine is due 11/29, too


Toya - November 18

I wish I could wait until Nov. 28th. AF is already 4 days late for me and I already have six month old...I don't see how I could be pregnant...but you never know.


Tayla - November 18

Hi, I waiting for no af on the 30th Nov.


Tayla - November 18

My b/f and I bedded every day before ovulation...lets see if it works this time. I had mild cramping, swelling and discomfort on the 16th which lasted all day. Ovulation? ...just never had that before. Nothing else to indicate that I might be pregnant. Next week should have a better idea (implantation spotting perhaps). Ill update next Mon or Tues. *Baby dust to all*


Ann - November 18

I am definately game for that. I am due for af on the 28. I had m/c on the 5th ( at 5weeks pg- HCG back to normal on 3rd day) I have a 24/25 day cycle. So I o early.( LH surge def) If the stars are in alignment this month, I may be blessed again. My bbs are sore and headaches, never get them-except for last month when I was pg. Maybe my imagination. Have had alot of cramping on the week of 0, and really bad a few days ago. But weird b___st pain.... Tell me could it be from ovulating?


Chiki - November 18

I will join too, I am due for AF on the 27th of Nov


Kira - November 18

I would love to join the wait. I have had 2 miscarriages, 1 in the second trimester and am now hoping for no af on Nov 27


JenniferB - November 19

I would like to join in. I am waiting for the 26th. My husband and I just decided to have another baby. This is the first month that we tried. Good luck everyone.


Audrey - November 19

I'm waiting for Nov. 25th to test. I am really nervous! I don't want to test on Thanksgiving, because if it is a BFN, I know it will totally ruin my day!!


Ann - November 19

Well today was uneventful. No cramping. I did have 2 headaches though. I never get headaches.. I also still have tender bbs. Very odd , even the nipple s hurts.


Jen - November 20

I'll wait, my af is due the 26th. I've been having cramping, high temps and abdominal pressure. Also a headache that was on and off for 2 days. Baby dust to all.


ahava uk - November 20

ooooooh girlfriend meeeeeee. i was due yesterday /today ish 19/20 and no af yet..!! *please lets all pray she stays away and we get our BFPs..any symptoms ladies yet????????


ahava uk - November 20

ooh forgot. sympotms, well early cramps dpo, headaches, terrible queasiness,/woke up today at 4am so icky..threw up yesterday , um..sore sore nipplets, itchy stomach, but no fatigue, so im not sure if i am, cos i know that is a main symptom, but maybe a little later down the line..


JenniferB - November 20

I have had a crummy cold all week so it is kind of hard to tell if I have any symptoms. My b___sts are a little tender. I have been dizzy and had very watery discharge. When you want it to happen you sort of imagine symptoms too sometimes. Hopefully I am not doing that. I was lucky with my first baby. I got pregnant with him the first month I tried. I hope I am that lucky this time.


Ann - November 20

Well another long week to go... Oh my, this waiting thing is a nightmare. I have tender and sometimes sore bbs, and cramping in lower center of abdomen. Also freq urination. Still could be my imagination. I am now strangley conscious of every little glitch in my system. But, why cant I know precisely when I ovulate and when I will get pg... How are you girls doing?



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