No Aunt Flow Since Dec 8 And Two Neg Test

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deed - February 26

Hey all, I have had no actual period since dec 8th. I did spot on jan 23 to the 25th the old brownish blood and not bad enough for a pad (only seen when wiped. Sorry if I grossed anyone out.). I have taken two hpt and both were neg. This was about 3 weeks ago. I cramp here and there the kind that you are just sooooo sure you got your "friend"... run to the bathroom and nothing. My question for y'all is have any of you ever had something like this and then ended up bring home a lil one. I have lost two babies and I don't know how much more we can take before we give up on it all. Thanks to you all.


kdlovesrd - February 26

I haven't had AF since December 27th! I haven't had any brownish discharge but have had the egg white consistency (ovulation?) discharge off & on since my last cycle. I've had minor cramps, abdomen pressure, sore b___sts, frequent urination, stomach problems, etc. I've taken 4 HPT's & 1 Blood Test and all negative. I am currently in the waiting game boat too...


deed - February 26

I should of added I have the egg white stuff too. I thought it might of been ovulation too but is it possible to have it at least once a week and still be your ovulation? I am totally lost. I was reg. for the longest time then when I lost my last baby it was been screwed up. So I don't know if my body is just being stupid right now or if I am carrying a lil one. I am hoping its the later one ;-D.


Txffwife - February 27

Deed- I just posted something that might interest you. I also posted this same answer for "kdlovesrd" in hopes that it might help her too! It's under this forum t_tled" preg. symptoms-no "."- veery lte- funct. cyst found" . I hope this helps! Good luck!


chefmunn - February 27

glad to know others are experiencing the same as me. had first child at 24 got pregant right after stopping BC also experienced negative results for weeks was 7 weeks by the time they could tell even though i knew when i was about 3 wks along....took a year at age 29 to get pregnant with 2nd child, irregular periods after stopping BC etc. awful hormonal ups and downs. the mind does play tricks too, swore I was a few times but nothing....went on provera and all that too, now at age 40 have decided to stop BC pills was feeling just 'not right' the last 4 years- headaches and lighter periods cramps etc. now I am in the 'missing periods' stage since stopping BC 5 months ago now 2 months of nothing after 3 fairly normal. I really don't feel pregnant , nor do I want to be, no symptoms and will wait till something changes in that to go to doctor but it is annoying to have Auntie Flow not show! Also annoying to have to use condoms and/or spermicide but I do not want any more hormones in me. Try to keep cool don't stress over it and as long as you take precautions you probably won't get pregnant I empathise with so many of you and all you are going through been there felt it too! Trust your gut and know that what you are experiencing is not new others have it you are not alone! Good luck to you all. Try a little reiki on your abdomen couldn't hurt !


Txffwife - February 28

deed...I forgot to tell you that while I had this cyst and was 3 1/2 weeks late for af, I do believe I ovulated right on schedule as if af came. Again, I had all of the pregnancy symptoms because of that cyst I had (progesterone will do that!), but I noticed that I had a ton of cm on what would've been my 17th, 18th and 19th days for ovulation. When I look back at all of this, it's funny how I was too busy looking for pg symptoms, even though I was getting neg.hpts. I have read on the other forum that several women have ovulated without an af, so I hold out faith that it is possible. Pay attention to your body, you know it best!! Good luck!!



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