No BFP This Month Waiting For AF Aug 30th

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Deb - August 4

Here we go. Unfortunately no luck this I will try again mid month and hope AF does not come around 08/30. Gigi, Karen, maybe Mel, and anyone else...wanna wait with me?


Amy - August 4

I would like to wait with you again. If AF comes this month, I will be slightly off from your cycle. I seem to have long cycles since I came off the pill. I posted at the end of the last thread. I thought the 4th (test day) was tomorrow. I have not even bought the test yet because I would take it right away. I think that I am even going to spend a lot of time on this forum when dh goes away to re-train for the military. (Don't believe those Reserve commercials - one weekend a month, two weeks a year) So not true. While hubby is gone I will not need to test, but it is nice to be able to talk and support other people. If no AF before Saturday that is when I plan to test.


Deb - August 5

Amy sounds good!! This month will be our month girl!!! Yeah I read your response. Test and be sure to share your news with us! I will be thinking of you and throwing you much baby dust!!!!


Deb - August 5

So I should begin the bd process with the hubby next weekend...HOPE THIS TIME AROUND works...


kelly - August 5

I am also waiting for AF to show up around the 30th.. I'll be happy to wait with you guys. Good luck!!!!


Gigi - August 5

Hey Deb :-) (and Amy & Kelly) - thanks for starting this new thread - you're quick and efficient - LOL - now let's be that way on our road to conception this month YAY!


tab - August 6

hi ladies, mind if I wait with you? I am expected to ov this week, hopefully this will be the month! This is month # 3 and will be child # 3. We have two boys and are trying for a girl this time. Where is everyone from? I am from albany, Georgia. Very hot and rainy here the past few days. Well, I will be going now and Baby Dust to Us All this month!!!!!!! :)


Amy - August 6

Well I do not think that I am going to have to wait to test until Aug 30. I tested this morning and got a BFP!!!! I am so excited. I woke DH up very early to tell him. He was excited once he woke up a little. The test showed a very faint positive so I am going to go buy another test and take it in the morning. I can't believe it actually happened this month. Hubby left for training and I thought he was gone for ovualtion time. (Right now he is training close to home and can come home on the weekends) I do not think that I had any signs of being pregnant. It was more of a lack of AF signs that made me think I was. I am still going to hang out with everyone because DH has to go back to training. I get so bored at home. I have raced home everyday this last week to see if anyone tested and what the results were. Can't believe how fast you become hooked on this site. Have a good day everyone!!!


sane - August 6

hi Amy...when is your ovulated day?did you feel any symptom? i'm waiting until 8/11-8/14,but i just feel slight cramping in my lower abd .wish me luck


Amy - August 6

To Sane - I have no idea when I ovulated. I actually only had s_x a few times this month because my husband has been away for training. I have not really figured out my cycle since I went off the pill a few months ago. I thought I would have had no chance this month, but something worked!!! Good Luck for the next few weeks. Until I started trying to get pregnant I had no idea two weeks could last so long.


Mel - August 6

Hi Gals! Well, I started with some brown discharge today. Only a little bit, around noonish, then nothing till about 4:00ish (on toilet paper), then again around 8:30ish. Only a little bit, but I think I am past the implantation time period, right? Still no AF symptoms. I'm so confused! I am testing tomorrow morning (if AF isn't here yet), so I'll see for sure then! Uggg! I was so excited that I didn't get AF yet, and now I'm thinking I might start. If this is the case then, my cycle was a bit different this month than last. This is so frustrating! Girls, send me some baby dust tonight for good luck tomorrow morning! I'm sure I'll need it! I'll post as soon as I know!


Mel - August 7

Hi girls! Well I awoke today to AF! : ( I guess this makes sense b/c before I went on the pill my cycles were usually about 32 days. So I would be right on track as today is the 32nd day! It all makes sense, but it doesn't make it any easier! Oh well. It's exciting that we get to try for another month! At least it is lots of fun to do! : ) My AF next month wouldn't be due till about Sept. 6th or 7th if I keep a 32 day cycle. So my cycle will be a bit off from your guys, but I'll still chat with you. Think of all the luck it brought us this past month! I think we ended up with 4 BFP's! That's amazing! Well, lots of babydust to you all and keep thinking positive and happy thoughts!


Deb - August 8

Mel so sorry to hear that!!! Please stay and chat with us even though you may be a week a part!! We can still share our symptoms and success stories..right??? LOL. We will all get BFP's shortly! I am trying the PreSeed this month. Anyone heard good things about it?


Mel - August 8

Deb - I have heard good things about it! I have read on other threads about it and most women seem to like it. Let us know what you think! Hey have you been using an ovulation predicator kit and temp charting? I am debating this month if I should try these?! This will onlt be our third month trying, but I figured after my cycle was way off last month maybe I should try these? Any thoughts anyone? Share experiences if you have please! Can't wait for AF to be over! I hate it!


Deb - August 8

Mel..yes I have been doing both..and thank god I am ovulating..otherwise I would never know. The big drop then spike in temp tells me I am. The ov kit just confirms it so I would suggest it big time! I will let you know if I have success with the Preseed..obviously. I am going to post a question about it and see if people have had success with it.


Bran - August 8

Hey Ladies, Mind if I wait with you'll? AF came yesterday for me so I should be right around 8/31 or so. I miscarried May 2nd so we just started ttc again. I'm really hopeful that this will be our month! If I calculated right I should ovulate somewhere around 8/19-8/21. What about everyone else?


Deb - August 8

Welcome Bran! If course you wait with us!!! I should ov around the 15th or 16th..but my hubby and I will do the bd starting from the 12th for a week just to be sure. Until we know his sperm count is low..I was told to try every day. I am usually anywhere from 26-28 days so at the latest..I will be due on the 30th. Sorry to hear about your mc. Did it take you a while to get pregnant the first time?



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